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Transform Your Body with This Herbal Detox Guide: 7 lbs and 1.5 Inches Lost in Just 11 Days

I lost 7 lbs and 1.5 inches from my waist in 11 days on this herbal detox!

I still can not believe I lost 7 pounds and 1.5 inches from my waistline in ONLY 11 days!

Honestly, I'm skeptical about supplements. After 18 years in the health and wellness field as a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Life Coach, I've pretty much seen it all. Most things on the market are all fluff and fillers, but not this supplement I recently found. I decided to experiment and I was pleasantly surprised. I have been sharing this with all my clients. Now it's your turn!

My Detox Experience

My results were honestly amazing! In the first 3 days, I lost 3 pounds. In fact, from day one I could feel an energy boost to my system and started sleeping way better. Considering I am very healthy to begin with, the results were stunning. I have never used a product as gentle and effective as this. Usually, it's one or the other.

To be clear I am not a doctor, so if you have medical issues please work one-on-one with a professional you trust. I coach people through these kinds of things and make sure to do an in-depth health background review before starting. With that being said I will also say this herbal detox is very gentle and safe. It is ideal for the majority of the general population looking to lose some weight, feel better, and live healthier.

The Mild Herbal Detox Supplement packages.

Discovering The Mild Herbal Detox

Here are the products I'm using to get these great results. It's called the "Mild Detox Bundle" from the Alkaline Herb Shop online. I've decided to partner with them after personally seeing just how top-notch their products are. CLICK HERE  to get the Mild Detox Bundle I'm using and get 10% off with code: DAN at checkout.

Keep reading to see the full guide to optimize your detox so you know what to do and what not to do. There is also a mental and emotional side to this that you won't want to miss.

Surprising Results and Gentle Effects

I loved this protocol mainly because it was very effective without any weird, dangerous, or uncomfortable side effects. I did not change my diet or start working out any differently. I only made sure to move my body each day for 20-30 minutes at least. I also made sure to drink plenty of water. These are just good healthy habits anyway, but important to note.

On day 6 of this protocol, I was down 5.7 pounds and lost one inch from my waist. Again I did not expect this. After day 3 I thought my weight loss was done. I figured I would lose a pound or two after about two weeks maybe. But on day 11, I lost a total of 7 pounds and 1.5 inches from my waist. On day 14 I lost an additional pound for a total loss of 8 pounds! This lets me know the wild-crafted, organic herbs in these products are super high quality. It's always exciting when a company delivers a quality supplement.

Even more my energy levels went through the roof! But not in a coffee-jittery kind of way. Instead, I felt calm, centered, and clear-minded. Yet again these are not things that I normally struggle with so to feel this improvement so noticeably was shocking. I attribute this mainly to the concentration of minerals and compounds found in these specific herbs.

To top things off, my joints now feel like I did when I was 18, no lie! This is where organic herbs shine brightest for me. They have binding properties that attach to things like heavy metals, poisons, pollutants, and other toxins stored in the body. This mild detox is like a deep cleaning for your cells. When this happens aches and pains melt away. This is aging in reverse!

Herbal Detox Guide

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs showing ancient detoxing practices.

A Brief History Of Detoxing

The history of detoxification practices dates back millennia. Humanity has always pursued health and vitality through purifying the mind and body. Ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese recognized the importance of periodic cleanses for our health. In Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system of India, detoxification has been integral for thousands of years.

Ancient Wisdom in Detox Practices

In modern times our bodies are constantly exposed to an array of pollutants and stressors. Much more than our ancestors. These new toxins in our environment challenge our natural detoxification mechanisms more than ever before.

Our bodies are highly adept at self-purification, but only when treat ourselves well. In my 21-Day Vibrate Higher Course we cover the 7 Universal Laws of Wellness to teach people how to create a healthy lifestyle easily. These 7 laws and daily practices create a path to a long healthy life based on ancient wisdom and modern science. I highly recommend this 21-day program if you want to set the foundation to live well for many decades to come beyond this detox.

Signs you may need to detox.

12 Signs You May Need A Detox

The mild herbal detox that I did is great even if you aren't experiencing any symptoms because it's just a great holistic practice for your mind and body. Yet, if you do have symptoms then it is surely a good time to detox. Here's a short list of the most common symptoms that this detox can help you with:

1. Skin problems (rashes, acne, etc.)

2. Food sensitives, intolerances and allergies

3. Constipation, diarrhea, and other digestive issues

4. Frequent colds and viruses

5. Unexplained headaches

6. Lower back pain

7. General aches and pains

8. Fatigue and low energy

9. Inability to feel rested after sleep

10. Compromised resistance to infections

11. Inability to lose weight

12. Fuzzy thinking

Periodically doing a mild herbal detox (1-4 times a year) can be a rejuvenating practice to optimize health and vitality. I recommend this because it easily and quickly enhances the body’s natural detox systems. It's good for beginners as well as advanced health enthusiasts. So at any point, you can begin without any preparation like you might need to do for more intense detoxes or cleanses.

The body's natural detoxing pathways and mechanisms.

Our Body's Natural Detox Mechanisms

Our bodies are equipped with a sophisticated detoxification system. It operates around the clock. Detoxification is primarily carried out by the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, and colon as well as other organs. Our magnificent bodies efficiently eliminate waste and toxins, ensuring balance. But, if our systems get overloaded with emotions, stress, alcohol, processed foods, and other toxins health can decline.

Small Action Steps Help Our Body Detox

Many have a belief that taking care of ourselves is difficult. But it's rather simple if you understand it. After nearly two decades, I was able to boil it all down to 7 Universal Laws that apply to everyone. One of these 7 laws includes detoxification. We can't truly be well without it.

And yet, it only takes small action steps to thrive and be well. I always use the analogy that small hinges swing big doors. A 5-minute daily action step, like taking a mild detox supplement, can yield a treasure trove of benefits because wild-crafted, organic herbs are so powerful.

Organic mild detoxing herbs lying on a cutting board.

Unlocking the Power of Wild-Crafted, Organic Herbs

Wild-crafted means grown in the wild without human intervention. This makes these organic herbs even more potent. Organic, wild herbs are the perfect complement to our body's natural detoxification process. They are often considered incredibly powerful due to the various bioactive compounds they contain. These compounds may include antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and other phytochemicals. Here are some reasons why herbs are often regarded as powerful:

1. Medicinal Properties: Many herbs have been used for centuries in traditional medicine for their therapeutic properties.

2. Rich in Nutrients: Herbs are often rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

3. Antioxidant Activity: Antioxidants help protect the body's cells from damage caused by free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can contribute to various diseases and aging.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Chronic inflammation is associated with various health conditions, including cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer.

5. Adaptogenic Qualities: Adaptogens are herbs that are believed to help the body adapt to stress and maintain balance.

6. Low Risk of Side Effects: Compared to some pharmaceutical drugs, herbs often have a lower risk of adverse effects when used appropriately.

7. Synergistic Effects: Herbs often contain a combination of compounds that work together synergistically. This means that the combined effect of these compounds can be more powerful than the sum of their individual effects.

Wild, organic herbs are some of the most powerful healing substances that Mother Nature has to offer. However, not all supplements are created equal. And, unfortunately, not everyone knows what to look for. That's why I am excited to share this today with you!

Optimizing Your Detox Journey

I highly recommend you only use the herbs in the above-mentioned mild detox bundle product. I also always encourage the use of herbs in cooking as often as possible because the studies show how much this can help our health. So sprinkle them to your dishes. But there is no need to add too many other extras here. Keep it as simple as possible.

Don't try to change too many things on this detox. I repeat, don't go crazy! Instead, let the herbs do all the "heavy lifting". Give yourself at least 3 days with the herbs to see how they work and feel before adding in any other changes.

No matter what you do this herbal blend will work wonders for you. But sometimes when we change too many things too fast we can stress ourselves out. Stress is the opposite of what we want. Remember this: “Slow is fast. Fast is slow”. Slow and steady wins the race, and many studies now prove this!

After the first 3 days, you can start to mix it up if you want. Aside from moving your body every day and drinking more water, I recommend adding more fruits and veggies to your day. This could be as easy as a banana in the morning with your coffee, a salad with lunch, and steamed broccoli with dinner. You could also add in a smoothie if you have a blender. For smoothie recipes Wendy and I love click here.

What To Avoid During A Detox

Once you've covered those basics, the next step would be to do your best to avoid the common health disrupters. This would be excessive alcohol, processed foods, and artificial sugars. I say excessive because these things are so common now in the world.

If you're just beginning it's not likely you will be able to eliminate them all in one fell swoop. But you can bring them down to much healthier levels gradually over a 14-day detox period. After the detox, I recommend continuing to reduce these as much as you can without stressing yourself out.

Navigating Detox Disrupters

Completely avoiding things like alcohol and processed foods is tricky and it often backfires. They are just so common that it has become very "normal" for many. Often people do a dangerous dance of self-denial for a short time followed by binging and wildn' out. I do not recommend this approach lol. Going cold turkey only works for a very small few. But you know yourself better than anyone so proceed how you best see fit. Just notice if your approach is helping or hurting you. Ask yourself, "Is this creating more or less stress in the long term."

I generally recommend slowly lowering the amount of whatever you are trying to avoid. Remember slow is fast because you don't have to keep repeatedly starting over. Give yourself time to grow and change at a comfortable pace. For more on this idea see my blog post called, "The Surprising Benefits of Staying in Your Comfort Zone".

Take Before and After Measurements

Make sure to take some sort of measurement, picture, or video before and after. This can be very impactful on your journey because we are all very visual learners. Keeping a log or diary is also helpful as we tend to forget how far we have come. I love keeping little notes on my energy levels and mood as this gives me a snapshot of where I was mentally along the way. When you go back to review your progress, you'll be blown away at the difference both internally and externally!

The mild herbal detox roadmap and overview.

Herbal Detox Guide Recap And Next Steps

To wrap things up let's put it all together to give you a clear recap:

1. Find a wild-crafted, organic herbal detox that is gentle and highly effective like the one I used.

2. Give yourself 3 days to experience the effect of the herbs alone before changing anything.

3. Take before and after pictures or measurements or both to see your results.

4. Commit to detoxing for 7-14 days. Then wait at least 2-4 weeks before you do another round. Consider doing 1-4 detox periods spaced throughout the year.

5. Create a healthy lifestyle beyond detoxing with my 21-Day Course!

A lifestyle approach is a way to achieve short-term AND long-term results. We can help our body purify itself all year round for optimal vitality and energy with the right practices. Also, when you take the lifestyle approach you can reverse the aging process at the cellular level. This is now a scientific fact. So you will not only look better but feel better for decades to come!

If you feel like you need an experienced coach or want to dive deeper into how to improve your health and happiness, I just opened a few spots for my one-on-one coaching. Feel free to book a one-time session below to begin the conversation.

In the meantime enjoy your herbal detox!

With great love,




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