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A Healthier Life is within reach.

 Meet Wellness GuideNutrition Expert & Transformation Coach 

Dan Hennessey

Dan Hennessey is a fitness industry vet of 16 years who specializes in fat loss and lifestyle transformations through one on one coaching and the proven method that he has developed over his stellar career.


He has coached thousands of people to go beyond their goals and live a healthy lifestyle effortlessly so they can spend more time doing the things they love to do. He holds a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and is a Certified Personal Trainer and nutritional coach and well studied in psychology and positive human behavioral change. He is also a holder of the elite Precision Nutrition Level 1 and 2 Certification.


For all of Dan's awards and accomplishments perhaps his best asset is that he is so down to Earth and leads with his heart and soul with each new client he has the opportunity to meet and work alongside. Not to mention Dan practices what he preaches and his authenticity is both refreshing and inspiring!

Are you a busy mom with no time for yourself?

You are not alone! There are so many busy stressed-out Moms who are struggling to find energy, fulfillment, and joy in today's world. Dan has made a career of focusing on busy moms because to him the Mom is really the head of the household. Women always seem to get the short end of the stick, all the while they hold so much power and Dan has made it his mission to help women rediscover this inner power.

If you are a Mom or want to be a Mom one day there are probably a lot of dreams and desires that you have as well in addition to family life. Dan has helped thousands of women make this transformational shift effortlessly with his proven methods of putting yourself and your wellness first.

So if this resonates with you or you simply just want to lose at least 20lbs or more and feel alive again, then you're in the right place!

No longer will you have to put everything and everyone first before you and here's the best part, once you learn Dan's method and approach other areas of your life will naturally start to improve like magic. But it isn't magic it's this revolutionary approach that most people simply have no idea that it exists.

Can you feel that spark of excitement rising within you? This isn’t just about getting well, or healthy, or even looking good (although all that will happen). This is about taking your life back and enjoying your best life like you never imagined was possible!


Proven Results Guaranteed with no strings attached.

I guarantee that within the first 3 months you will lose your first 20lbs and will be able to easily keep it off for good without going to the gym or needing to diet ever again!

Yes, you read that correctly and I put my money where my mouth is.

How can I be so sure?

Well after 16 years of endlessly learning, studying, researching, trial and error working with busy moms you learn a thing or two. I have been solely focused on how to help busy moms make lasting transformations and develop a simple step-by-step approach that literally anyone can use, you can even get your significant other to join in on the fun. In fact, once people see you transform they will all want to know how you did it without going to a gym or doing some crazy crash diet.

I have designed the most simple and straightforward approach that just flat-out works. No more struggling and killing yourself to get in shape. Those days are long gone.


To begin I will help you get a real jump start on your fitness journey with done-for-you solutions and zeroing in on your personal goals and strengths. We'll chat a bit about this in our initial 15-minute discovery call.


Then we will take the mystery and intimidation out of losing weight and getting your spark back! Whether you are a beginner, coming back from a long hiatus, or simply would like to learn the true fundamentals of proper techniques of wellness and nutrition to feel like you did in your 20s I got you covered.


This program is not created for you to simply follow along, but to establish a foundation for your long-term goals and I will be right beside you every single step of the way.


So for now sit back and relax. Picture boosted energy levels, confidence and physical transformation over the first four weeks, and that's just the beginning! When you work with me, I will give you the tools you’ll need to start, continue and thrive through your wellness journey so you can truly live the life you always dreamed of. I am excited to meet you and hear your story.


There's no better time than the present so if you're ready, I'm ready. Let's get started today!

What makes this new approach so unique and different?

Dan has developed a truly revolutionary approach with his discovery of the 7 Laws of wellness. After toiling away trying to help busy moms in the gym for over a decade Dan had an epiphany... The gym and the typical approach that most people experience in the fitness industry is actually doing more harm than good!


Diets fail for 100% of the people that start them. That isn't an opinion, that is what all the studies show, so why are people still doing them? The gym is sort of like a diet in that most people use it sparingly and then it's just another monthly bill they don't need. So again we are people still using these outdated methods that according to all the science don't actually work?


The answer is people don't know of any other way. It's no one's fault really it's just before computers came along all we had were typewriters. It's just how evolution works and now Dan has developed the next step in the wellness evolution. This is big! And it's so simple most people overlook it, including really smart experts and coaches around the world, and some people just like doing things the hard way. But now you have access to this proven new method that you can start easily implementing today, with no more stress and struggle.


Now is the time to create your dream body and go after what you really want. It's time to start to tap into your true power and flourish as you have always known you could. 


There is no more guesswork to do, there is no more confusion about how, the only question is are you ready! 


I guarantee you will quickly understand exactly what to do, how to do it, and have all the tools necessary to make it fun, easy, and of course, have those jaw-dropping results. Watch out social media it's not a hot girl summer, it's a hot girl lifestyle lol. 


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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.