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1-on-1 Coaching For Inner Peace, Joy, and Abundance.


Meet Your Coach 

 Dan Hennessey is an elite Wellness Guide & Mindset Coach with over 16 years of coaching experience and wisdom. He specializes in lifestyle transformations and helping people make their dreams a living reality.

Dan holds a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and certifications in Nutrition, Health, and Behavioral Change Counseling. In addition to his health and wellness background, he continues his education in psychology, spirituality, and conscious manifestation


Dan's career started off in the fitness industry where he worked with everyone from busy mothers to NFL Super Bowl Champions. He’s coached thousands of men, women, and children to lose weight, get stronger, eat healthier, and reach their goals so they can spend more time doing the things they love to do. 


Even with a thriving career, Dan always knew there was more to life and began to search for answers. He finally decided to turn his search inward. This crucial step led him to what he had always been truly seeking in life which was inner peace, love, joy, abundance, and true alignment within himself.

Dan learned to leverage his new state of awareness and began to consciously manifest the life of his dreams. Now he helps his clients do the same using his holistic approach that incorporates unique techniques, practices, and teachings for the mind, body, and soul yielding effortless transformations.


He is most passionate about guiding people toward a life filled with joy, peace, harmony, abundance, and love. He'll show you step-by-step how to find alignment with your authentic self and enjoy true well-being. This is the secret sauce.

Dan's own journey combined with his experience working with diverse backgrounds has helped shape his masterful ability to create a safe and non-judgmental environment for each individual to go from where they currently are to where they desire to be. 


"Our natural human state is one of immense love, peace, and joy. We're all born with a purpose and we all have the potential to create the life we truly desire. 


My mission is to guide individuals back to their natural human state of joy so they can embody their highest self and live a truly thriving life."

- Dan Hennessey

Feel Free to Thrive 
Coaching Program

Dan will work with you 1-on-1 to address your specific areas of concern/goals and then personalize an actionable plan that you will journey through together step-by-step over 30 days. 


During the month you'll receive:

  • 4 one-hour video call sessions with Dan

  • Step-by-step solutions and action plans

  • Unlimited email access to Dan (Monday - Friday)

  • Customized 1-on-1 guidance and personalized coaching

  • (Bonus) Lifetime access to our 21-Day Wellness Reboot Program

  • (Bonus) Lifetime access to our Manifest Your Dreams Master Course 


This 30-day coaching program will get you clear, focused on your goals, aligned with your highest self, and confident on your new path toward purpose, fulfillment, and thriving. You will immediately feel a shift once we begin.

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This program is for you if:

  • You feel there is an area of your life (or multiple areas) that you haven't been able to overcome and you're ready to finally experience your breakthrough!

  • You feel unsure about your purpose in life and desire clarity and fulfillment. 

  • You feel your life is out of balance and you need guidance on building a personalized plan to get you back on track and beyond.

  • You desire a more loving relationship with yourself and others.  

  • You feel you aren’t living life as your true authentic self and are ready to take the steps to get there.

  • You desire a life full of great health, love, peace, joy, abundance, and harmony.​​


  • You feel called to have Dan as your guide and feel that this is the perfect next step on your journey.


  • You're ready to truly invest in yourself and make a REAL LASTING change.


LysaMarie, California

"I work as a light worker Mind Body & Soul. 

To my knowledge and also my experience, healers need to be on top of their healing game in order to continue helping others. 


I really needed someone in my life when I met him to help me with a few of my issues one being that I am a chronic overthinker. It’s something I’ve had to deal with my entire life.

Dan and I began to work together and he has helped me immensely through his coaching with my overthinking. I utilize the tools he has given me most every day! I find that for me personally, they work very well.

I was very impressed with his energy and as we spoke, I was very impressed with his knowledge as well.


I'm so grateful for him and his coaching and I would highly recommend him to anyone that resonates with his energy and needs the correct tools to pull themselves out of the negative situations they might find themselves in. 

Thank you, Dan, 

You’re my earth angel!" 

What People Are Saying!


Andy, New York

"Over time life hit a number of unexpected hurdles, I became distanced from my children, my fiancée and I separated, and my career was just treading water. Everyone I truly cared about was gone in a matter of a few months and I felt very lost, angry, and full of sorrow. 


I noticed there was something that Dan had…peace. We had some great conversations and I quickly decided to begin coaching sessions with him. Through these courses, and interactions with Dan I began to look at people differently, relaxing through the ups and downs of life, seeing challenges as opportunities, finding joy in the trivial things in life, and working to embody the concept of doing what feels good to bring more joy into my life and into the universe. 


As it stands today, my fiancée and I have magnificently reunited and we are on the same page. I’ll be starting reunification therapy with my children in the near future and I’m fully confident that will be a positive and productive experience because of the work that Dan and I did together. 


In my career, I am seeing more opportunities open up and I am embracing abundance like never before and it feels good. 


I would not be where I am today without these past weeks of working with Dan." 


Doreen, London

"When the opportunity arose for me to invest more time and energy in my self-development, and moving to the next level, I did not hesitate.


From the very 1st 1-on-1 session, I knew I was going to have fun, and I wasn't disappointed. 


After each session, I had an intentional focus and went with the natural flow. My thoughts would un-scramble as I would dismiss the negative thoughts and invite and embrace only those thoughts that brought me joy and hope. 

I live by faith and already knew some valuable insights. But these sessions gave me the opportunity to reset and focus on what really matters: LOVE. Find enjoyment in every minute of life. Enjoy the journey. 


Light will always gravitate to light,  and shine even brighter by creating more light. That's how I feel about my sessions with coach Dan.


I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with Coach Dan and enjoy the blessing of more light, abundance, and joy in my life. "


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