Live Your Best Life: 3 Daily Practices & Recipes to Naturally Detox, Repair, and Thrive!

There are many changes going on in the world today and it can all be very overwhelming. Our purpose is to bring some clarity, simplicity, and practical action steps that can assist you on your own personal path to wellness no matter where you are. By the way, this process never ends. There’s no finish line. You will never be “done” and that’s because we are always growing and changing. So why not change for the better?

Today’s information will bring you energy and youthful vitality while helping you to achieve a healthier body weight this year and for years to come. We will discuss what detoxing really means, how to do it properly at any stage of health, and finally how to put it into play in everyday life.

We’ve included three of our easiest and most effective daily detox practices that require almost no money and very little time as well as three of our favorite smoothie/juice recipes. Consider this a template for your own journey or a quick refresh if you’ve been living a healthy lifestyle for a while now.

We are not doctors and do not intend to heal or cure anything, however, after nearly 14 years of research and real-world experience in the wellness industry, we have found that the basics of health are always overlooked. We would simply like to bring them back into focus. When we redirect attention back to fundamental concepts and take small steps, it is amazing how our natural state of health seems to re-emerge like a submerged cork floating back to the surface.

No matter your level of health and no matter what age you are, detoxing is something we all need to give an honest look at all stages of our life. It is important to know that your body is always detoxing. It’s what it’s designed to do and it never takes a moment off.

With every breath, every drink, every bite in every moment your body is taking in something from the outside environment, breaking it down into usable parts, carrying those parts into cells, and finally removing the waste products that remain. It’s the final stage in that chain, what we call detoxification, that is most critical for our health.

Detoxification at its core is about creating the environment for growth, repair, and healing. Of course, there are many different opinions on how to detox and the best practices because the truth is there are many paths to take. Detoxing can be abstaining from a substance like drugs or alcohol or it could be some powder or concoction that “cleans” you out, or it could be a version of fasting. It could also be as basic as drinking a clean glass of water.

There is no one size fits all approach to anything in life. To say everyone needs to do this kind of detox versus that kind of detox is too narrow-sighted and can even become harmful. In fact, many people have serious health problems or even become hospitalized from so-called “healthy detoxes” and “cleanses”. We take this topic very seriously because we understand how sensitive the body is and how harmful drastic changes like detoxes can be without the right kind of professional supervision.

That is why we want to share these daily detoxing practices for a healthier holistic lifestyle that will be compatible with nearly everyone as they follow the time tested principles that support the human body. The goal here is to naturally assist what the body is already meant to do and meant to do very well and that is to be healthy. The issue here is much of our modern society has developed habits and behaviors that inhibit or decrease our body’s natural alignment of wellbeing. But our bodies are so amazing and are always on our side, so it doesn’t require very much from us.

Nature does all the heavy lifting while we enjoy life more fully.

Health is about being proactive before issues arise instead of after disease or sickness occurs. We would rather avoid health problems altogether and that’s the most enjoyable part of detoxing!

#1 - Drink a glass of water first thing

Groundbreaking we know! But think about it, most people we meet and have worked with are not consuming as much water as they ideally need for various reasons. The first thing people typically reach for when waking up is probably something caffeinated or whatever they can find in the fridge.

Water is like magic for our health. Our body is made of 75% water and our brain alone is close to 90% water. Just a 2% drop in hydration, which isn’t very much at all, can cause confusion, slower thinking, anxiety, and impaired neuromuscular control. When we are impaired like this we typically make not-so-great decisions and reach for things like “energy drinks” and other things to get us through the day and those things typically dehydrate us further.