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A couple in love overlooking the sea.

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Become a magnet for

Genuine, Healthy, Loving Relationships! 

You deserve to be loved.

Become a magnet for love.

Be the energy you want to attract.

Does this feel hard for you to believe? Are you scared of being hurt or opening your heart again? You, our dear friend, deserve the most powerful, committed, and thriving love that this world has to offer. But, it can only arrive when you arrive there first within yourself. 


If you feel that you have never been seen, heard, held, celebrated, and loved the way you want to be, it is time to turn your attention inward. This means finally coming home and realizing your true worth and inherent power. You deserve a wonderful relationship and you deserved to be loved.


It’s time to stop chasing and start attracting the love you so deeply desire. Love, like all things we desire, is about being in alignment. Choosing self-love is the ultimate act of mastery because with it brings all aspects of life into alignment, especially love. 


When you discover what self-love, self-esteem, and self-appreciation genuinely are and begin to allow in more love, you will become a magnet for all you desire.


In this program, we will show you how to align with your true self to attract the right people into your life for healthy, genuine, and loving relationships from your soul partner to soul friends. Yes, everything will begin to shift in your favor once you finally commit to doing this simple yet life-changing inner work. 

If you are looking for "the one", want to improve an existing relationship, or just want to attract better relationships of any kind then this program is designed just for you!

Love in Paris
Happiness looks gorgeous on you.

Wendy & Dan

Hi, we’re the Hennesseys. We’re a happily married couple that always gets asked how to find the one?!
Well, we have a secret to tell you…

We’ve learned a lot about what actually makes a thriving relationship throughout our 16-year journey together. 

We've seen and been through our fair share of ups and downs and it's only made us grow stronger.


Through all of our spiritual, mental, and emotional growth as individuals and as a couple, we've realized that we really do have the secret to a loving and lasting relationship.


In short, authentic self-love is the key. But the deeper secret is uncovering the unconscious ways we all hold ourselves back from self-love. Once we do, we can finally let them go.


To truly love yourself, you have to get to know your authentic self within. As you align with your true self, you will begin to resonate more deeply with the vibration of true love. You will become a magnet for "the one", supportive friends, a thriving career, and all things that resonate deeply with you.


In other words, learning how to truly tap into unconditional love within yourself opens the floodgates to more and more of what you desire in life.

We will guide you in clearing out any outdated programs and conditioning within yourself so your vibration can elevate and RISE in love. As this becomes your dominant frequency you too will become a love magnet. 

What to expect

Wendy & Dan will personally guide you in becoming a magnet for more love in your life on all levels through open and honest conversations, insightful coaching sessions, and powerful practices in the course videos. With Wendy & Dan's expert experience, support, and tools you will feel an immediate shift from the very beginning.

Wendy & Dan will help you:

  • Prioritize yoursel

  • Release limiting beliefs

  • Open to your heart's wisdom

  • Align with your authentic self

  • Attract your soulmate effortlessly

  • Increase your self-worth & self-love

​You'll walk away feeling like:

  • Love is overflowing in and all around you

  • The most confident version of yourself

  • You wish you knew this 10 years ago

  • An enormous magnet for love

  • Relief, clarity, and peace

Get ready to finally experience the love you deserve!

This program is for you if:

  • You feel that you haven't been able to find the one yet or your current relationship isn't going in the right direction.

  • You feel like you've already tried everything out there to find your perfect match. 

  • You feel your love life is out of balance and you need guidance on building a personalized plan to get you back on track and beyond.

  • You desire a more loving relationship with yourself and others.  

  • You feel you keep repeating the same kinds of relationships and are finally ready to let go of the old patterns, but just don't know how yet.

  • You desire a life full of love, joy, and harmony with yourself and a partner.​​​


  • You're ready to truly invest in yourself and make a REAL LASTING love connection.

Couple holding hands at sunset

Ask for what you
want and be prepared to 
receive it.

What you'll get inside:

  • 23 videos that include intimate conversations, real-life stories, and coaching totaling over 3.5 hours of binge-worthy content 


  • Our 16+ years of wisdom we’ve gained through experiences like breaking up, coming back together, and now happily married couple


  • Our unique step-by-step techniques that we use ourselves and with 1-on-1 coaching clients for attracting and maintaining genuine, healthy, loving relationships


  • Inspirational podcast-style discussions that will help you transform beliefs and assumptions that block true love


  • Exclusive guided meditations to reprogram your subconscious mind for self-love and attracting a soulmate


  • 24/7 access to this course for life so you can go at your own pace and re-watch


  • Priority email assistance and support for any questions 

Join us!

The love you seek is also seeking you and there is never a better time than the present moment. So join us today. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us and we'll get back to you in 24-48 hours. 

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