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How To Live A Life You Love: Let Life Change You

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As the clock strikes midnight and the calendar turns to a new year, millions of people worldwide embark on a journey of self-improvement through New Year's resolutions. The harsh reality is that a staggering percentage—92%, to be precise—won't see their resolutions through.

Today, we'll help you sidestep that outdated approach and put you in the successful 8%. We’ll show you practical steps to break free from the shackles of old programming and leap forward to new heights in this leap year of 2024.

Let Life Change You

old ways won't open new doors

So often we resist the flow of life and resolve to make it “better”. This paradigm is older than the typewriter and we wonder why it doesn't work! Well, it all comes down to doing the opposite and going with your flow instead of against it. It's about realizing you are right where you need to be, always.

Loving your life is not about becoming something you aren’t. Living a life you love is about finally being who you truly are fully and unapologetically. It's about shedding all the conditioning and following what's true for you! 

Our beliefs and expectations about how things “should be” derail us from our flow. We get distracted, lose momentum, and get stuck in patterns that don’t help us. Yet when we decide to accept things as they are right now, magic happens. We glow, we grow, and we get back in our flow!

As we allow things to be as they are without our insistent need to change or fix things, ironically then things begin to naturally evolve and improve. Life is funny that way. When we let go and stop trying so hard, then the things we want finally come. And it happens effortlessly through synchronicity and universal laws. Now let's understand how to live a life you love.

How To Live A Life You Love

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Practice Self-Reflection

Self-awareness is the foundation of all transformation. All of the action steps in the world are nothing without greater self-awareness. Our entire wellness business is based on helping others increase their self-awareness. Practices that are designed to reflect within lead to greater self-awareness every time.

Any activity that allows you to go within such as journaling, meditation, being alone, walking in nature, reading a good book, etc. is highly beneficial on your journey, no matter the goal. It's going to show you more of you. This helps you become even more of your awesome unique self! Make time each day to reflect on how you feel and where you are. How you feel right now is more important than any action step. Period.

Remember, There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Approach

I have worked with thousands of people in person and online and I have never seen one particular path be repeated. Everyone needs similar things, yes, but how they show up is unique. So discover what feels best to you. You have to create your path and it won't look like anyone else because there is no one exactly like you. This is a gift! Reflect on past successes and understand the underlying factors that worked well. This will jumpstart you if you feel stuck.

Play to your strengths and your weaknesses will naturally improve. Focusing on the good leads to more good. Personalize your approach based on your unique strengths and what feels right for you. Deep down you always know what's best for you, trust that. Follow your joy because there is great wisdom in what brings you true authentic joy.

Your Mindset and Beliefs Override Everything

Our beliefs, which are past data stored in our minds as how we see ourselves, create the blueprint for the house we build. The house is your life and the building material is your mindset. If you take a moment to look at all you have done in your life, you will see how far you have come. I know you have overcome so much. We all have in our own way. And I know you will continue to overcome many more things, but now you can do it joyfully and consciously!

Adopt the belief that you can transform any area of your life that you desire, but not with force like in the past. Loving ourselves more deeply is where true transformation unfolds. This deep truth will set you free. Your mindset shapes your reality, not your actions. Be open to change and let life change you. What feels good to us is also constantly changing. So allow that new feel-good energy to guide you forward. Let the past be the past.

Be Nice to Yourself

Failure doesn’t exist. Seriously. Life keeps going. Failure is just knowledge of how not to get the result you prefer. As you gain more knowledge it solidifies into wisdom. So “failure” (knowledge) leads to wisdom! Embrace your so-called setbacks. A great opportunity is hidden within your setbacks if you are willing to make peace with them and grow. This is self-love in action.

So don't just go through it, GROW THROUGH IT, and love yourself every step of the way! You are constantly growing, focus on that. Celebrate wins, acknowledge your progress no matter how small, and maintain focus on what matters most (how you feel). Failure does not exist in this mindset of truth and wisdom. You are only growing and evolving from here on out.

You Have the Power to Make it Happen

As we leap forward, armed with a healthy mindset and a winning strategy, let's recognize our inherent power to shape the coming year. Expect things to work out now that you have this new mindset. When you expect good things, they happen!

Commit passionately to yourself purely for the joy of it. Allow yourself to feel your way through and trust in your inner guidance. Despite any challenges, remember you have gained valuable wisdom that helps you to align with who you are deep within beyond any conditioning. 

Life is a path we all have to walk alone, but we can do it alone together! If you need help we got your back. We love helping people empower themselves and tap into their gifts. That’s why we coach and create courses for people like you. We just launched our Vibrate Higher in 21 Days course and if you’re reading this now then this is perfect for you!

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Over the next 21 days, we will guide you step-by-step and coach you live! We'll show you how to naturally raise your vibrational frequency daily. The secret is directing your focus back to your well-being (how you feel) with self-love being the key ingredient.

When our well-being increases our vibration becomes naturally elevated. When this happens we become unstoppable. This is how to live a life you love. This online experience is a lot more fun, transformational, and empowering compared to the old approach.

So if you want to soar in 2024, have more accountability, and a reliable process join us today in our Vibrate Higher course!

Here's to an incredible 2024 filled with transformation and new possibilities!

With gratitude and love,


P.S. Use code: VIBRATE HIGHER and get 25% off our 21-Day Course!


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