"Obstacles are opportunities in disguise"

- Deepak Chopra

Before we share these 3 principles that we have boiled down and explain how we use them, it’s important to get to know yourself just a bit more.

That might sound strange, but you will see why soon.

Knowing just a bit more about yourself will help you get clearer on your intentions so you can better use these universal principles and experience the life of your dreams as well and start accomplishing those things that really excite you!

Skipping this crucial process of knowing yourself will lead to you missing the entire point and you will not come anywhere close to accomplishing those deep desires you have within you.

Over time and with consistent practice you may come to the realization that it's really all just one thing, one step, 1 practice, 1 principle. However it is helpful to break things down into smaller parts to digest and absorb them.

Later you will have some "ah-ha" moments that will clue you in to many things you are currently "stuck on" in your life AND how to resolve or move past them.

Remember these steps are universal and anyone can benefit, but only if applied correctly. In fact, these steps changed our life entirely and they will for you too we guarantee it!

After using these 3 steps, the difference will be that you are now in the driver seat of "change" versus the backseat. (It's really hard to drive the car from way back there)

Also, you will have developed a deeper sense of self-awareness, self-confidence and overall a much more joyful experience of life as a whole.

A BIG claim yes indeed and we stand behind it!

Disclaimer: Just reading this article will NOT produce life changing results, not even close.

Only if you take these seeds (ideas), plant them (create the space for them in your life) and then nurture these seeds daily (give focused attention and practice) you will see them grow and produce the fruit you have been longing for.

You may experience difficulty early on, but see it as a fun game and have a sense of light-heartedness with this process. (It is so much more enjoyable that way)

In our experience life is supposed to be fun, joyful and fulfilling. That's our perspective, feel free to make your own!

So let's get to know ourself a bit more... shall we?

Which one are you?

Below are two scenarios. Read through them and think to yourself which one do I more closely relate to.

There are no right or wrong answers, instead there is only that which moves you closer to your goals or further away. So just for now do not judge, instead just see what comes up for you.

This example is about weight loss but you can substitute any goal you would like in here like a better relationship, more money, starting your own business, paying off a loan etc.

Example A: