Manifest Your Dreams 
Master Course

Reclaim Your Power, Out Grow Limiting Beliefs, Create Your Dream life!

“We are so excited to show you just how powerful you really are!” 

— Dan & Wendy Hennessey

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Meet The Creators

After fourteen years in the wellness industry helping people to radically transform their lives and after manifesting so many of our personal life-long dreams like leaving our 9-5 jobs to become successful full-time wellness guides, content creators, and world travelers;


We've found that a focus on a higher state of wellbeing is the unbreakable foundation not just for a happy and healthy life, but the key to manifesting the life of your dreams!


As your wellbeing increases, 

you will finally be able to break free from what's been holding you back. 
In other words, increasing your wellbeing means releasing more and more resistance. This is when your best life begins blossoming before your eyes. This has been our truth and a living reality for many others we've coached.


Now it’s your turn to live out your dreams! We've created our Manifest Your Dreams Master Course to easily guide you in making a lasting life transformation.


Our step-by-step method will help you practice, enjoy, and master your wellbeing. You'll thrive in ways you’ve never thought possible and will begin to see your truest desires manifest before your eyes.


We are so excited to show you just how powerful you are! 


Life is about to get really fun!


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Course Outline

Learn to Focus Your Energy to Get The Results You Want


Move Your Energy to Get


Support & Nurture Your Energy to Thrive


Calm & Ground Your Energy to Balance


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Our Manifestation Course will teach you how to intentionally create the life you desire!

We designed this course to help you finally end the struggle and stress and start thriving! 


If you’ve been asking the universe for help, you’ve found it.

You are on the brink of a breakthrough 


We know what it feels like when you want something to workout so bad, but just can’t seem to actually get there.


We also know how to finally breakthrough to get there, and we are excited to show you how!


When you focus your energy in a very specific and intentional way towards your dreams, an amazing shift happens. Roadblocks and struggle turn into opportunities and abundance. 


This shift will naturally happen to you as you go through our process. As you realize and feel this shift, you will begin deliberately turning your dreams into your real life experience and truly begin living a joyous fulfilled life.

You brought yourself here for a reason


There has never been a better time to start manifesting your dreams. Opportunities are only growing more and more people are transforming their lives as you are reading these words.


You have already started the process by calling this information into your experience. We are filled with great honor and joy to guide you through exactly how to manifest your dreams with our step-by-step Master Course. 


We promise you that life will never be the same in a whole new and miraculous way that before was just a dream.


The only thing you need now is a willingness to begin!



We Guarantee You Will:


  • Feel a greater sense of energy, vitality and well-being

  • Breakthrough limitations and experience greater abundance 

  • Start attracting the right people, places and things

  • Being Manifesting and living your truest desires




I signed up for the course in March when you first released it and I am already experiencing some of my manifestations! Graduating from a course run by Oxford University UK , leaving a stressful job where I never had time to take care of myself and loved ones, to being offered a position I enjoy where I help to make a difference every day. I look after myself now and since meditating and activating the power within, I've lost 20 pounds and sleep well every night. Life for me is good and gets better every day. Thank you Wendy and Dan for helping me realise how amazing I am. I'm so grateful for everything in my life, and am looking forward to creating my wonderful life. The shift in my thinking came when I realised I'm the only one who can ignite the fire in my soul and that I am worthy of the peace, joy and satisfaction I deserve.

—  Mira, London UK

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