Perfectionism | It's the Start That Stops Most People

Hey there, we have 2 questions for you:

1) How are you doing with your health and fitness goals?


2) What are you doing well already?

There has to be something you are doing well, we are sure of it!

If it's hard to find a bright spot keep reading...

Progress is fickle, but when we shift our focus to what we are doing *well* we unknowingly let go of what we don't need (a lot of the daily negative BS).

This allows us to keep moving in the right direction with fewer distractions. It's not perfect, it's progress. Who's to say what "perfect" is anyway?

Look we help real people who are busy, have multiple jobs, kids, bills and the whole thing so we know getting and staying healthy is straight-up hard. Everyone has to move at their own pace, it is just how life works.

You don't ask a flower to grow faster if it's shorter than all the others in your garden, you simply make sure you are doing the right things and then you wait patiently.

Slow and steady really does win because your health and wellness are a life long dance. Adopting this mentality allows for a less stressful day to day existence and dare we say a fun personal journey. Yes, you can actually have fun, not anyone else's kind of fun but your own personalized genuine fun. This slow and steady path also helps to remind us that we can "mess up" and still be ok!

It's life!

We are all human and it should be celebrated, not vilified. We aren't perfect little robots or something, wheres the fun in that? Celebrating who we uniquely are and enjoying the ride is what makes us able to actually win this whole healthy lifestyle thing or how you decide to label it.

We know you are saying, "But there are so many things that can go wrong"! We know that too, we are aware, we accept and acknowledge that. But then we move on. It's really easy to focus on the negative, our brains seem to be wired solely for this purpose sometimes. But that's not true.

Our mind is actually a focus machine and we get to choose where, when and how. But first, we have to practice this focus so we can use our powers for good.

Truth be told, there is no such thing as "failure" OR "perfection". They are both short-sighted perceptions that are created by us based on what we think "should be" instead of what actually is already here and now. Just considering this new understanding is powerful in itself.

Our beliefs and how we choose to see things are very powerful and in reality, we all actually live somewhere in the middle, right?

No one is actually completely "perfect" or a totally a "failure". You may experience events that bring up these emotions but they are just that, events that come and go, they are not who we are.

Being aware of this is the key and once we become more aware, it removes the resistance in our mind that was standing between us and more growth one small step at a time.