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Facing a big challenge? You can change your life by changing your focus and here's how.

Our challenges prepare us for what's next.

Five years ago we quit our jobs and completely took an unknown path toward our dreams.

We really had no idea what we were doing or what we were in for. The one thing we did know was that we needed to make a big change in our life if we were ever truly going to be happy and healthy.

To make a long story short we realized we weren’t living the way we wanted deep down in our hearts. We were living someone else’s dream and it was sucking the life out of us.

To be very honest, it was scary, challenging and the most beautiful experience of our lives all rolled into one and we wouldn’t change it for anything.

Weirdly enough, going through a process like this prepared us for what would be the hardest part of our journey with the pandemic hitting just 3 years later.

Since we decided to leave the "safe path" and listen to our hearts back in 2017, we somehow felt a bit more prepared for this huge global change because our challenges prepare us for what's next.

We invite you to see any challenges you are facing right now as an opportunity to grow, stretch and become more of who you are. This is the first empowering decision that we can make when faced with a big challenge like a pandemic, starting a new career, or finding someone to spend the rest of our life with.

When we make empowering choices we deactivate those things that were disempowering us and holding us back.

The key is to keep bringing our focus back to telling ourselves an empowering story.

Own your previous manifestations.

Right now take a quick look back on the last year or even your entire life. Think of a time when you felt like you “won” or were at least feeling good and things were going your way.

This part alone will begin to shift your focus to your strengths and gifts.

When you feel the feelings of those wins, you have already shifted.

This goes to show us that we can guide our thoughts and emotions to more elevated, better-feeling states just by what we choose to give our attention to. That's huge!

Remember this: It is much harder to push your car uphill than it is to push it downhill. In fact, you need no effort at all to push a car downhill, gravity does all the work for you.

In that same way when we get focused on what's gone well, what's worked out, and what feels good, it’s like pushing a car downhill. Momentum takes over and effortlessly takes us into more of that feeling-good state.

When we push the car uphill we're not doing anything wrong, we're just making things a lot harder adding in more unnecessary stress and suffering.

Our power lies in making the decision to change our focus. When we tap into our power, life gets really fun!

Words don't teach, experience does so we've included a process below that we call the "Life Résumé". It will help you to train your focus by owning your previous manifestations.

When we own our previous manifestations (our previous wins) it gives us more confidence to manifest more wins moving forward.

As our confidence soars, our joy soars and our abundance flows in places it was once barely moving at all and that's exactly when more good things begin to manifest.

Emotions are the language of your soul.

We want you to know that all feelings are valued. We want you to give yourself permission to feel all of them. In order to move from where we are to where we want to go, we need to allow what is and not fight against it.

We can’t ignore our feelings or pretend they aren’t there. Instead, we encourage you to give your emotions space to be felt and expressed how you see fit. As you do, you will open the door for more self-love and more of what your heart desires.

Emotions are the language of the soul, they are not meant to weigh us down or impede us. Our emotions are here to help us and guide us if we let them.

We call the technique below the "Life Résumé” because it is much like how you put your best foot forward when creating a résumé for a new career.

The only difference here is you already won the position (the position is your life) and this is the greatest gift you could ever get.

So there’s no need to worry, there’s no one to convince or prove yourself to. There is only acknowledging and highlighting the story you want to tell moving forward.

To tell the story of where we’re heading, we need to know where we’re coming from. This process acts just like a springboard accelerating you into your desired future.

The Life Résumé

Grab a pen and paper and think of at least 3 small or large achievements that you’ve experienced in this past year or over your lifetime.

Make sure to write down how you felt when you accomplished them.

When we put things down on pen and paper we make them “more real” and instantly increase our focus.

The key in this exercise is to focus on how you feel right now as you think about your past achievements.

Some examples to get you going might be:

  • Graduation high school or college and feeling proud for following through.

  • Getting a job or promotion and feeling excited to pursue your chosen career.

  • Getting your first car and the feeling of freedom to make your own moves.

  • Taking a vacation and feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

  • Moving into a beautiful home or apartment and feeling a sense of worthiness and comfort.

Once you’re done, review your list and sit with those feelings.

Allow those positive thoughts and emotions to fill you up and see if any inspired action or impulse arises within you in this state of higher wellbeing.

In this elevated state, you may feel inspired to do something simple like make the bed, make a phone call, or something completely random.

Trust in your inner wisdom, it’s always guiding you.

Fast Forward

We are all wired to remember our past, but now you have a process to focus on your wins and build your résumé on that. This is like hitting the fast forward button to the solution and to more of what you want.

This Life Résumé process is just one small resource you can implement to get the ball rolling and create momentum, but there are many ways to do this.

Most require daily practices until it becomes the default way you think and feel. To accomplish the desired momentum and create the life you really want is something that is new to many so new things are often necessary.

That’s why we have created our Master Course. We wanted to give you a comprehensive blueprint to go from where you are to where you want to be in a simple, fun, and exciting step-by-step process. This is the course we wish we had 5 years ago.

As we sign off, know that as you practice the Life Résumé or if you join us in our course, you’ll see results quicker than you think because it's not about time spent or hard work. It's alway about where we put our foucs.

With love and compassion,

Wendy + Dan


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