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ARE YOU AWARE? | The Key to Overcoming Problems

We wanted to share a little insight from our experiences. This will ultimately give you a deeper understanding of your own journey and will change everything if you are open to it.

If you have ever experienced obstacles in life (and who hasn’t) then you know that in order to overcome the obstacle successfully you need something different, a new approach or something else that will get you to your desired outcome.

This really boils down to having more awareness around a given problem or situation.

If you are trying to take a road trip from New Jersey to Miami, Florida and start out heading due North, then you simply are not aware of the direction you are headed. You are lacking awareness that Miami is actually due South.

No matter how hard you try, or how much positive thinking you have or how much money you throw at it... ultimately you won't be heading in the right direction for what you want to accomplish.

Awareness is the ONLY way things in your life or the world change.

If we don’t even know there is an issue, how can we even begin to tackle it?

“You can not change what you are not aware of.”

- Deepak Chopra

This goes for all obstacles. Think of a baby learning to walk and continuing to fall time and time again.

The baby for the first time is becoming aware of this thing we call “walking”. Babies have no concept of gravity, leg muscles, balance, coordination, good posture, focused attention etc...

He or she is building awareness in the world and with enough practice this new awareness leads to a new outcome. The baby eventually overcomes the obstacle and develops the ability walk on his or her own two feet!

Once the baby “gets it” it’s off to the races!!!


You have to be on high alert as this new awareness explodes into more awareness as the baby starts to explore more with a new found sense of the world.

It’s a whole new perspective!

Going from being on all fours to just two feet has changed everything and there is no going back!

This is how all change or growth happens.

Yet as adults, instead of continually making whole hearted and carefree attempts like the baby trying to walk, we often will take just a few attempts and decide we aren’t able.

These "adult attempts" often lack enthusiasm or even the slightest sign of joy when compared to how much fun the baby is having.

Then we tell ourselves that we aren’t enough, we don’t have the right genes or our life is just too busy and stressful etc.

This is equivalent to a baby being stopped or being told it's just not going happen after only a few attempts.


What a tragedy, what short sightedness, what lack of awareness!

If you are a parent and have been through this process with your own child or children then you know this is not how it works.

It doesn't even cross your mind. Parents jencourage, guide and support.

They make sure the environment is safe to practice in.

They let the infant figure it out a bit on their own but also guide them if things really go sideways.

They don’t over-react if it takes a little longer, in fact parents actually enjoy the process of watching their newborn grow and adapt to the world around them.

It’s a beautiful thing!

So why do we switch up as adults?

What happens along the way?

In short, the answer is that somewhere our awareness gets overshadowed by fear, we start identifying with past failures and then we convince ourselves we aren't capable.

We tend to shy away from our inner awareness in an attempt to avoid the pain that we often experience from the outside world. At least that's how many people see it.

But the outside world really holds no power over you. If you can not accept that right now then consider this:

The only two things you ever have control over are your

1)Your own thoughts


2) Your own actions

These 2 things alone make up your life and how you experience it.

So you haven't "lost awareness" or your inner spirit to keep growing, we just simply get distracted, or forget, or identify with fear.

Consider this a reminder!

True growth only comes from within and from a deeper sense of awareness.

We can only get there by deciding to get up and walk ourselves, fall down, get back up, learn from the fall then attempt again with newly gained insights.

Before we know it we will take off like a rocket ship and see the world much differently. Just like standing on our own two feet for the first time!!!

So are you aware?

In truth, the answer will always be yes and no.

On one hand yes, you are aware because you are conscious and alive, but on the other hand you aren’t aware of the things you aren’t aware of just yet!

Many times we need someone or something to shed new light on an old subject or situation.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” - Albert Einstein

Consciousness is just a synonym for Awareness or Presence.

So how can we become aware of what we don’t know, can’t see or haven’t experienced yet?

First, we have to admit or accept that we have an issue and that the current methods are not working.

Then, we must believe it can change. We have to be willing to realize it is not fixed and we can create a different outcome.

Lastly, we need to ask for AND be able to receive help.

This means allowing someone or something the opportunity to open the door to a new experience and experiment with a new solution or different path.

Ultimately, you have to decide and allow your awareness to open. It is possible to make progress alone, however only up to a certain point.

By being a “lone ranger” we cut ourselves incredibly short.

We all grow together, not solely in isolation although isolation is apart of the process at certain times. People or things that will be your best help on your journey will understand this.

We are all working together here on this planet although it may seem opposite very often. However, everything really does move us toward our own personal and collective growth.

We choose to see it all as more awareness coming to us. You can decide to see it that way also. That’s the catch... a decision must be made!

We have to be open to the fact that our path may need some adjusting or we might need an unbiased new set of eyes on the issue at hand.

No single person has ALL the answers. BUT having all the answers isn’t necessary for incredible growth and transformation!

Not to mention having all the answers is impossible. New findings are happening all the time as we learn more, discover more and study things more closely.

Everyday we are advancing and understand things at deeper levels.

A willingness and openness to allow growth is all that anyone needs for incredible things to happen. Once that decision is made, like magic, problems become solved and obstacles overcome.

This idea of “allowing” isn’t an action how we classically think of action.

It’s more of a “non-action, action”. Weird we know, but you have done it many times unknowingly.

Consider this; deciding NOT to act, is also an action.

Have you ever seen yourself in a situation and say I'm not doing this to myself anymore. That's a decision, that's "non-action, action"!

It’s an internal step we take to not do something.

Or to put it plainly, "do less", which can be a great first step for many.

This creates “room” for more awareness. It's like trimming the dead ends of your hair so that healthier hair can flourish. Removing the hectic, tangled, messy parts allows for healthier growth.

We often are so overwhelmed, distracted and busy in today's world.

The antidote very often is to do nothing at all or at least do a little bit less. By simply stopping something that you have been thinking or doing can be incredibly beneficial and healing!

How could anything new grow from an overpopulated garden?

If you have gardening experience you know everything needs its own space. If one plant is competing with too many other plants they all suffer.

In much the same way when life gets too busy it’s very difficult to grow in any aspect. Everything suffers.

This idea of doing less or “allowing” is also a process of removing resistance within yourself. It’s removing the need to be “right” or letting go of what you think “should be happening”.

Instead we start accepting "what is" RIGHT NOW!

Fighting or being resistant to "what's going on right now" always brings more fighting and resistance from the world.

Push against anything and this only creates more push back.

Much like the baby example from earlier, you cannot force walking into his or her life. You also cannot be tied to the outcome of achieving the ability to walk or you will run out of patients very quickly.

Worrying about the outcome creates more resistance, tension and stress... more push back. If you worry about the future or the past you aren't living in the "now", you are not "allowing" and accepting, you are not in your awareness.

What if we could take this same attitude and approach toward all obstacles in life?

We invite you over the following days and weeks to see if you can carry this presence (awareness). See if you can be lighthearted and carefree just like the baby learning to walk.

Simply carry the image of a happy-go-lucky baby when your life gets difficult. Remind yourself of that image, maybe even put a reminder in your phone or a picture of a baby somewhere. Whatever works for you.

See how remembering to be more aware applies to paying bills, talking to your boss, when that person cuts you off in traffic or when things seem too hard or impossible. Remember a baby learning to walk.

If this resonates with you then you are already on your way and you are doing better than you think! You are much closer than you realize!

Now that you have a little more awareness around your obstacles, you have a choice:

A) More fear


B) More awareness.

And remember nothing changes unless you do and you cannot solve problems at the same level they were created.

"Circumstances aren't always our choice, but we can choose how we react to them." - Mary Cook

This quote is very true and we would like to add that when you become more aware you start to see your choices directly alter your circumstances.

Remember all the power is within you now (and always)!

Becoming more aware of this will set you free!


-Dan + Wendy

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