Broke? | Consider the "LONG GAME"

Eating better or getting in proper “Nutrition” is just like saving money or “finances”.

The two are closely related and they often mirror each other.

They also require a similar mindset BEFORE you actually “see results” or get a “pay out”.

When do the majority of people start saving for their future?

Somewhere around ages 35, 40 or later...

When do the majority of people start really taking a look at how they are eating (which is 90% of the health equation)?

Around the same ages 35, 40 or later...

Look here’s the deal...



Sure you can make a lot of short term money or short term weight loss but what’s that worth in 1 year, 5 years or 10?

Usually nothing because you haven’t built the habit of consistency for the future and when life isn’t “easy”.

You only practiced the short game skills. These boil down to 2 abilities:

1) Being really strict for a few weeks or months

2) Being the exact opposite all the other times


Putting off short term success for long term sustainability by practicing other habits.

This is where people discovery the freedom, health and happiness they actually want. It’s much more than some number on a scale or body fat device.

If you want to take back control, get in the driver seat now.

Start saving small amounts of money, consistently.

Start adding in better food options a little bit at a time and do that consistently.

Make your way towards “better” not “perfect” and see how things change for you.

Bruce Lee once said,

“I️ am not afraid of the man who has practiced 1,000 kicks.

I️ am afraid of the man who has practiced 1 kick a 1,000 times”.