How the hell can anyone afford to travel these days???

Most people I know have to work all day, just to make ends meet.

And the few friends who are blessed with "more" seem to work from Sun up to Sundown (sometimes longer). True story!

It's seems travel today can be impossible or just for the top 1% luxury type who just "got it like that".

Well we are hear to tell ya that you can do too this IF (a big if) you take the right steps!!!

|From ZERO dollars

saved up to having an experience


It is possible my financially free spirits and today we will show you how we did just that for real!!!

Keep reading as we break down how we not only saved enough money to travel where we want to go but also how we have adopted a traveler's' mindset wherever we are.

We are lucky because Wendy and me see everyday life as a traveler's adventure. Re-framing your daily routines might be just what the doctor ordered if you are feeling trapped in your current settings.

We also believe this will help you ultimately pull the trigger for that vacay of your dreams that's calling you, but more on that in a moment.

Trust us we have felt trapped and caged so often BUT we figured out a plan to bust loose and live our dreams!

It's important to know that anyone can do this. It may take longer for some, but all can win this game if you do it with the right mindset.

In the past year alone we have lived in Thailand for a month,

Costa Rica/Panama for another 3 weeks

and currently in San Diego, California as we are writing this post!

"Hello from La Jolla Cove in Sunny California!"

- Wendy + Dan

At the bottom of this is post is a video of one of my favorite vlogs of us in Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand.

This video is just so us!!! (we hate when people say that, but its true lol).

Enjoying life, partying, spending the day with elephants and all with some of our best friends. What else could you ask for!

But now let's give you some easy action steps you can do today to start your own journey, develop the right mindset for you and ultimately take your "future-self" on that much needed vacay.

"As always start small.

The hardest part is always the beginning."