How To Get "Unstuck"... (hint) motivation ain't your problem

This is all too common...

"I know what to do, but I just can't seem to get in shape"... (If you are already in great shape CONGRATS swap in any other goal you may have)

Following that statement is usually something about a lack of motivation.

Almost everyone says they need more motivation like it's a currency or something. People say they need motivation to move, eat, get in shape, start a business, do the laundry, get a better job, etc etc etc...

Trust us, we have all been there and it’s an easy trap to fall into but you couldn’t be further from the truth, we promise you.

As they say, the truth will set you free...

When it comes to sustainable long term change, two things are more important than motivation

- Action is more important than information

- Doing is more important than knowing

Here are some truths we should start to consider and apply in our daily life.

• Knowing stuff gets us nowhere, only our actions do that

• If we really KNEW something (and we mean really understood the value and how it fits into the big picture) we more than likely would be doing it already with little to no issue

• We are not as consistent as we think, none of us are. It's all about continuing to come back again, again, and again regardless of how the process is moving along. That is consistency.

• We don't know as much as we think we do, again none of us do. Even the most brilliant people on this planet openly admit to only being able to understand just a small fraction of weight loss, science, and life as a whole. Basically, it's all a big experiment but there are better ways to navigate, learn, and grow.

• The stuff we do know for sure is so simple we all overlook it or don't assign it the proper value. And all the "higher level" stuff is less than 1% of the whole success equation.

So how do we actually get unstuck?

Here are our top 3 recommendations. This is how we’ve seen hundreds transform their health and life including our own as well as our friends and family.

1) The fastest way to any goal is not to worry about when you'll get there. The more we watch the pot boil the slower the process takes.

2) If you know you need help, then start the process to find the right help. That might be where the work really starts. Make sure that the help you seek emphasizes putting YOU in the driver seat. Avoid relationships and situations where people are constantly telling you what to do versus allowing you to go through your own process. This could come in the form of a coach, mentor, best friend, family member, book, an online service, etc…