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Top 3 Myths Standing Between You And Your Dream Life

A happy couple in love poolside manifesting their dream life together.

Myth 1: You need to have it all figured out perfectly to manifest your dream life.

Truth: No one has it all figured out! We surely do not, but the truth is, not any one of us does.

We just need to begin.

We do not have to be perfect. We only need to nudge the ball and get it rolling.

Life is about discovering more of yourself, making "mistakes", and then choosing better as you know better from your personal life experiences.

It is helpful to remember that you cannot get it wrong, but you may choose a different path based on what you want to experience. In other words, the process can be enjoyable instead of a struggle once you see that you are "the experiencer", not the experience. You are the awareness behind whatever is happening. This understanding leads to massive personal growth and an abundance of inner joy.

From this expanded state of awareness, we manifest new conditions for ourselves and we experience our life's circumstances in a new light. Most importantly, we begin making authentic choices in alignment with who we truly are and our truest desires.

A happy couple in love on the beach.

Myth 2: There is too much standing in the way of manifesting my dreams.

Truth: The only thing ever standing in our way is ourselves. Some think this truth hurts, but it actually sets us free.

A happy woman in love.

We have become so skilled at beating ourselves up that we know exactly how to hurt ourselves in just the right way to allow our fears to get the best of us.

But here’s the thing, you have a choice.

You have the power to either beat yourself up or open up to understanding yourself more deeply. Understanding is how humans express love in its true and divine nature. This is what letting go and growth look like. This is what self-love REALLY is.

And this might open the door to truly falling in love with ourselves, perhaps for the very first time.

A happy woman manifesting her dreams.

Doesn’t that sound like something we all want?

In essence, this IS the dream life.

The dream life is loving yourself, loving what you do, and loving how you do it.

This has nothing to do with money or fancy cars or a successful career, although all those things can be a part of it if you so desire. Manifesting and living your dream life is realizing that all the material things come second to our own inner joy. This is true no matter where we happen to find ourselves on the journey or what our life's circumstances happen to look like.

A happy woman living her life.

Myth 3: Manifestation is about thinking positive thoughts and it's not practical in the real world. Dreams only come true for certain lucky people.

Truth: Our thoughts and emotions lead to how we make real-world choices, which lead to our experiences.

There are no unlucky people either, only those who insist on closing the door before they even make an attempt. What most call luck, is simply an example of how our inner state projects outwardly into our life experiences. Only a small number of people seem to manifest their dreams due to the fact that only a small number of people give themselves an opportunity to attempt, grow, and realize their dreams.

Only a "lucky few" have realized they are "the experiencer", and not the experience.

If you choose, you can become "lucky" too. It works like this, place your awareness on your thoughts and your emotions as they arise. This will create space between you (the experiencer) and your inner experience. This will change your entire perspective over time and your life will improve leaps and bounds simply from this one practice.

An important inner shift happens when we open ourselves up to new information and combine that with new daily practices. The recipe is changed and this yields new outcomes and possibilities. Pretty soon people will be calling you lucky, but you will know a deeper truth.

Man manifesting his dreams.

We hope this cleared some things up for you, but if you're not there just yet then we recommend meditating on all this. Give yourself time and don't rush or force this kind of thing.

Having a coach or a mentor is often necessary for the initial learning phase of new skills like this. If this resonates with you, we invite you to join us in our Manifest Your Dreams Course. We have designed a unique step-by-step video series showing you exactly how we've helped ourselves and many others to manifest the life of their dreams.

If you're ready to feel less stressed, have more energy, and make your dreams a reality then this course is for you.

To your dream life,

Wendy + Dan

Woman manifesting her dreams.


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