Intuition is The Skill of Tomorrow. Here's How to Build it.

Hi, it's me, Dan, I wanted to share a message I got today.

It was the weirdest thing during a meditation right after I woke up. It came through my heart and it felt like it was just an internal knowing to begin writing and creating more in general.

What does “getting a message” even mean? I guess everyone has their own definition, but for me, it means a deeper desire from within.

A calling.

A pull towards a new thing or way of living.

A message is like a download to a computer, except you're the computer and we have no clue where it's coming from.

Intuition gives a glimpse into a future outcome that generally excites or pleases us. And compels us into action to do something about it.

When we develop a quiet space, we can better hear our own messages. If we do this, it seems that we basically gain access to an internal guidance system we all have that offers us directions towards a better experience of life according to our own definitions.

When we feel overwhelmed or like we have a lot on our plate, we stress out and tend to mess up. We don't think so clearly and that's when accidents happen. This is the main reason why we all turn down the music when we parallel park.

It's distracting.

At some point usually around 17 or 18 years old we start to carry a lot more baggage with us in life than we typically do at age 10 or 12. And even more in our 20’s and it can keep accumulating over time. Stress builds up and we need a way to resolve these things so we can let them go.

To do this we can begin to develop other skills.

One of these skills has to do with an ability we all have, which is to be calm. When we are calm we can see more of the picture and work through these perceived stressors. We don't need to master calm just yet, we just need to get better at this life-changing inner power over time.

Many people hire therapists, coaches and doctors to try and solve these issues, but anyone who has had success will ultimately tell you that you must go through your own internal process at some point.

Nothing outside will ever solve an inside issue, but outside things can help us along the way.

What does stress have to do with intuition?

Well, the more stress, worry, and fear we have the less we are able to function properly. The more we are focused on problems "out there", the less energy we have to tend to our own garden right now.

As we focus on "what's wrong with me", we start to see only what we don't like and forget the amazing person that we really are and have always been.

Intuition is impossible to clearly make out in chaotic times unless you have already gone through a process to achieve states of calm for long enough and deep enough.

We are always getting these intuitive messages, we just can't really "hear" or understand them with all the noise and commotion that's so common today.

We need to turn the music down so we can parallel park.

We need fewer distractions so we can focus and make the right moves.

Who wouldn't want to know if they should apply to this job or that one? Who wouldn't want to know when to speak up or stay quiet? What about knowing where to move next or if you should marry that person?

Think about the things in life that really plague you.

How do you deal with them?

What do you do to figure them out?

How do you move forward?

Is there a process or is it just random?

Do you make decisions or wait to see what decision is made for you?

Intuition really answers all these things and more if you sink deeply enough into it. It is always there. It's like a sixth sense, that most are really not used to because no one teaches it to us formally in school or anywhere really. Instead, we have to seek it.

The easiest way to think about intuition is through our own heart.

For example, want do you want to eat right now, a doughnut or a kale salad?