HOW TO TUNE INTO ABUNDANCE | You are abundant by nature

"Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into." - Dr. Wayne Dyer

One of the most commonly held beliefs on the planet is that there isn't enough. Not enough time, not enough money, not enough love, etc. You name it and people feel they don't have enough of it. These, however, are just beliefs and beliefs that change all the time and have over the course of history. The only thing consistent about beliefs is that they consistently change.

Beliefs are just thoughts we practice over and over again, but this doesn't mean they are necessarily accurate or correct.

Today scarcity, the belief there isn't enough, is the mainstream thought and it makes us feel paralyzed, lifeless, and worried about what’s to come. It's also the root cause of anxiety, financial issues, lack of energy, disease, and unhappiness, but this belief is changing just like the old belief that the world was flat or that the sun revolved around us. We now know that those were simply old beliefs and we slowly left those behind (some quicker than others).

But now as we approach a new year, beliefs, thoughts, and people are changing faster than ever. In times of great chaos, comes great change, and all change is an opportunity to create the world and life we truly desire. We are living through one of the most awesome times in history. We are understanding more about who we are and our inherent abundant nature.

We are very literally the expanding universe itself in human physical form.

As we expand beyond scarcity and tap into our abundance something really cool happens, we realize that it's always been there. What we couldn't see just a year, a month, or even a day ago is now available to be seen and each day we expand into more and more. This is nothing short of a miraculous life-changing shift and we are here to say it is not only possible but we are living proof!

Raise Your Awareness

Look around you. You’re on a device that connects you to everything and everyone while probably sitting in a climate-controlled room that’s most likely not too far from a clean glass of water and a refrigerator with something to eat... are these not all forms of abundance? One hundred years ago this would be seen as witchcraft or alien technology, but in today's world, it's just another Tuesday.

So how do some of us seem to have so much and others so little?

Why do so many feel so limited in their experience of life?

Could the answer simply be a level of awareness, how we see life, our perspective...?


“The fastest way to bring more wonderful examples of abundance into your personal experience is to take constant notice of the wonderful things that are already there.” - Abraham Hicks

We would like to point out that simply existing in this universe that is expanding is an unimaginable amount of abundance that our brains can’t even process. There’s so much, it’s hard to even put in words, but the truth is there is only more and more available to us, just not in the ways we typically think.

Years back abundance was not our experience at all. We were bound up in careers that did not satisfy us, we had no money and felt trapped as we approached the last years of our 20’s. But then we started to realize that it was simply our perspective. It took us a while to realize it, but once we did, everything changed and changed fast!

We saw how we had been accepting the belief of scarcity as our personal truth and we were surrounding ourselves with it daily. We weren't aware that we were simply feeding this false belief and practicing the same thoughts over and over. We were under a spell until we took a step back, got honest, and really looked at why we were feeling unhappy, scared, had no funds, and were worrying about the future all the time. We started becoming more aware and really went within with tools like meditation, journaling, and deep conversations with each other.