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Enjoy the REST of your life! 8 Simple ways to rest and release stress

Couple resting in nature

This time of year brings so many wonderful things from family gatherings to good vibes to exchanging gifts and more. But, it's also easy to get caught up in the stress of it all.

There are so many parties, functions, and obligations that have people running around non-stop leaving no time for themselves. If we look to nature for guidance and wisdom, we can see that the end of the year is a time to slow down and go within.

The days are shorter and the nights are longer which are perfectly designed to nudge us into taking more time for rest and recovery. We can use this time of fall and winter to our advantage.

Of course, celebrating with friends and family is great, but not at the expense of our own well-being.

Today, we want to share with you a few ways that you can bring more rest into your life right now and into 2023 so you can begin the new year feeling refreshed and vibrant!

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zen master resting and relaxing

Many see rest as the opposite of being productive, but this is the furthest thing from the truth. We have it all backward. Rest is the most productive thing we can do if we say we want more joy, abundance, and love.

We live in a world that is filled with so much doing and action that we forget that rest, recovery and sleep are where all the magic happens. It's vital to our health and happiness.

Once we plant a seed in the ground we must relax and let nature take over. Our life requires the same balance.

The truth is if we don’t take time for rest and our well-being, we will be forced to make time for our disease or illness.

No need to worry though because our mental, physical, and emotional health can easily be rebalanced, so keep reading!

With very little effort all aspects of life can easily come back into alignment in the best of ways.

Seen from a new perspective, rest is another form of action. But it's an action that balances and harmonizes us. Thankfully rest and releasing stress are more of a mindset rather than tasks to check off a list and won't take much time at all.

To drive the point home, consider a workout. You don’t get leaner, fitter, or healthier during the actual physical movement. Many do not realize that instead, all the benefits come in the 24-72 hours following the workout IF we properly recover.

If we don't get the appropriate rest, we won't get the desired results.

women mediating and resting in nature

Rest makes us happier, healthier, and better at all that we do.

When we take even just a few minutes to release stress, we don't just help ourselves, we also help those around us by default.

Stress in small periods is normal and fine, but when it becomes a daily chronic issue it makes us less productive in all ways. Stress zaps us of vital life force energy, not to mention joy.

Rest on the other hand increases our intelligence, helps us lose weight, and also makes us more resilient to future stress that comes our way. That's why the body gets stronger from exercise. When it has time to rest, it becomes more resilient for the next workout.

So here are 8 simple ways to rest and release stress today. Pick one that resonates with you and practice it for a week or so. Then come back and try something new.

Play around and be open to new experiences and notice which practices you vibe with most. You may be surprised at what speaks to you right now. For example, you may be resonating with something today that just a month or week ago you were completely turned off by.

All in all, don't get caught up on the exact details, just pick one and let it unfold.

1. Meditate. This is by far the easiest and most impactful way to eliminate and release stress. 5-15 minutes is all you need. As you practice regularly it will become more and more impactful!

2. Say no! We don’t have to attend every single event. We don’t need to be constantly out and about, especially during the holiday months. The winter calls for hibernation so we can go within. So say no to the next party if you do not feel like going. Don’t worry, there will be more.

Man relaxing in a nature preserve

3. Get outside in nature. We know it can get cold and downright unbearable out there, but we get so much from the outdoors. Nature is free medicine for the soul, again just 5 to 15 minutes will pay off big time.

4. Take a 5-minute herbal tea break from work, from your schedule, and life. Herbal teas are rejuvenating for our body, but more importantly, taking time to downshift during the day with something delicious to drink can do wonders for our mental and physical health. Even without any beverage, it's a good idea to take 5 and chill out.

5. Find the fun! When we are enjoying ourselves our stress levels plummet. So throw on a cheesy Christmas movie, find a funny show, or do anything that brings you joy. Keep it simple and follow your gut. We always know what we need. Don't overthink it, feeling is the key.

6. Find something in your immediate surroundings that you can appreciate and say thank you (and mean it). Warm running water, food in the fridge, and a comfortable bed to sleep in are all things we often take for granted. When we take the time to acknowledge what we already have and feel thankful, we amplify that energy. This brings us a sense of relaxation, ease, and more to be thankful for.

7. Smile at a stranger. This is especially fun if you find yourself waiting in line or stuck in traffic. Find an unsuspecting fellow human and smile at them. It feels great and you brighten up someone else’s day, a true win/win. If you see a small child they are the most fun to play this game with because their response is always something special.

8. Stretch your body. There's no wrong way to stretch, it just has to feel good and energizing. The key to a good stretch is to find a natural rhythm to your inhale and exhale. We recommend focusing on the hips and lower back as this is where people hold a lot of stress. Take 10 minutes to lie on the floor, sofa, or bed, and stretch out some of those tight areas.

So there you have it!

Remember that there are natural patterns to nature and our life. You know better than anyone what your mind, body, and spirit need. But if you don't take some time to rest, you might not be able to hear it.

When you do take just a small amount of time, you set yourself up to thrive!

We hope your holiday season is going well and we hope this message finds you in good health.

Stay healthy, stay thankful, and stay focused!

With love and compassion,

Wendy + Dan

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Thank you!

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