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Take the leap of faith for God's sake!!!

I’m sure you’re saying to yourself right now, “great, another unrelatable person telling me to believe in myself blah blah blah.”

But wait give us a chance! WE HAVE SOME GOOD STUFF HERE!

We’re not telling you to “drop everything and go”. I mean...where are you going anyway? Lol. Seriously though, I’m realizing that’s kind of strange to say, but the point is...there’s nowhere to go for many of us!

Many of us aren’t fortunate enough to just drop everything and go follow our dreams. We have major responsibilities. Right! (Unless if you decided to cut your stress in half by living a minimalist life as we do, but that’s a whole other story!)

This story is about working towards your goals steadily over time. So when that “leap of faith” day shows itself. You have somewhere to...GO.

Are you catching my drift at all? I feel a bit like I’m talking in code.

I A M N O T A R O B O T. Promise :)

What I am trying to say is…


Let us show you what we mean.

Take our life for example, this is something hard to say but, we used to be broke!

Like really broke!!!

Like at the end of each month less than $100 to our name broke!

If you are (or were ever broke) you probably did something like this once, twice or maybe even thrice in your life’s time.

You needed money badly, like right now… like right, RIGHT now. So you look for a job, if you don’t have one, or a higher paying job if you do.

If successful, then you are “good”... for a while.

Eventually the bank account drops again and the bills pile up. You need more so you look for a higher paying job, multiple jobs or a higher paying position... or you do other less “respectable things”.

Maybe you play the lottery, bet on sporting events or any other of the millions of avenues of “the lottery mentality”.

In this quest to no longer be poor it almost seems as if the "hole" you were in has somehow gotten deeper.

Even if you have a bit more money, you are pulling tons of hours, doing things that aren’t really "you" and definitely not feeling rich or wealthy.

In fact, you probably feel “poorer” than ever.

We used to talk about this all the time when we were “poor”.

Our convos would always highlight our lack of self worth. From our perspective, we were not good enough in many ways and certainly not worthy enough to have money.

We even convinced ourselves that money is the route of all evil.

NOW, it almost sounds silly to say that, but it WAS our reality and we really thought this way.

As we started looking at these thoughts more and more, we started to see our beliefs really emerge. Beliefs that we didn't see before and that were dictating our thoughts, thus informing our actions and as a result shaped our lives.

This unknowingly was creating our everyday experience.

But in reality... WE WEREN’T “POOR”.

We were just thinking it so. One of our oldest beliefs and ways of thinking was that being poor was the more righteous path compared those with money for example. (sound familiar?)

We finally remembered and realized that we actually had so much!

Not just in material possessions but in health, energy, love, creativity, ideas and a million other things we were able to identify.

Our perspective changed from "we don’t have enough and we can’t do anything" the TOTAL OPPOSITE!

We gained more awareness around our BEliefs and this changed our very BEing. And now we see ourselves as totally full and having more than enough!

No lie! When this shift happened, everything else started to fall into place. We found so many ways to start saving more and spending less. (Duh right? We used to even tell ourselves that was impossible!)

We've also always had the dream of traveling the world. So we taught ourselves new skills needed to work solely online. With laser focus and consistent effort towards our deepest desires, we are now living in Costa Rica for the winter! We can now work aboard through our online wellness company, YouTube channel, and social media platforms.

This all took some time (years to be exact) but It all started with how we were being by challenging our beliefs on the topic.

We had to BE a certain way first.

Every day we choose to BE full of abundance and love. So we can then DO all our actions from this place. Then have the experience of love, abundance, and just simply being enough (indeed much more than enough!)

So to recap:

1) BE full of the feelings of love and abundance (feel free to insert your desire). You may have to take a deep look at your beliefs.

2) DO the things love and abundance would do. (hint: make someone else experience that feeling and repeat.)

3) HAVE the experience called love or abundance flow to you 7 fold effortlessly. No "hustling" or "daily grind" required.


The more you are BEING, the more true desire you have to be that, the more DOING you perform, the quicker the HAVING will be experienced.

The reason we are sharing all this with you today is so you can start preparing for your "leap" when you are ready.

Start looking at how you are being right now.

Ask yourself, "Is this how I want to be?"

If yes, great! But if you find that in some way you want to really BE something different or experience something different, then look to your beliefs and ideas surrounding that topic.

Evolve your perspective on your ideas and practice being the way you really want to be! Declare it within yourself than to a friend then the world!

This will give plenty of time for the universe to work its magic. In the meantime just stay in love with the process of life and evolving each day.

And also BE ready, for it will not come if you think you are not. This is another belief that slows this process down from our human perspective.

The great truth of life is this: The point of life is life itself!

So no matter where you are or where you end up it's all GOOD!

You are the boss here, and nothing has to be done. NOTHING!

But if you have the desire to BE something else...

Than so BE it!!!

With love and compassion,




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