Our Top 4 Reasons to Go To Barcelona | Plus Money Saving Tips

Hi Dan here and let's be honest, a lot of people want to explore more and travel but never do it.

Wendy and I get it... it's scary, it can be really expensive and overwhelming trying to plan everything out.

That's a big reason why we make our videos and write blog posts like this one.

We want to give other people our real life experience so they can go out and do it too.

Sometimes you just need to see it or read about it to make it feel more attainable.

I am not saying you have to do it exactly like we did, that would be impossible, but you will walk away with more confidence and be ready to take the first steps after reading this today.

So if you want to save big and experience more of the world, let's get started!

Right off the bat you can start by avoiding the hotels and opt for an Airbnb or hostel.

After Wendy and I find a great flight deal, the next thing we like to do is get right on our Airbnb app to scout out prices and read the reviews.

This is one place you actually benefit from the comment section lol.

And yes, I also said consider a hostel... just tell your Mom it's an Airbnb.

If Airbnb freaks her out, tell her you are renting an apartment for a week, it's basically the same thing.

What you think you’ll lose in luxury or safety (which you won’t) you will gain in life experiences you can't get anywhere else.

We literally became locals for the week, instead of "just tourists".

From the Balcony of our Airbnb in Gràcia

Maybe you're not willing to leave the hotels just yet, but I feel it's worth the experiment at least once in your life.

And in all honesty we still use hotels, just not very often.

Regardless of your choice in habitat, look for a location about 5-10 mins walking distance outside of the most common areas.

You will easily save hundreds and you can get some natural exercise in your day.

Our 1 bedroom apartment was about a 10 min walk from the Arc de Triomf and we loved everything about it.

Arc de Triomf

Now let's get into our top 4 reasons to visit...

1. The Weather!

Spain’s placement on the Iberian Peninsula is near perfect as far as weather is concerned.

You get a nice variety in temperatures and tons of sunlight.

Sunlight is the best cure for nearly everything from depression to acne and a whole slew of other common ailments in the "less lit" regions on our globe.