4 Minute Daily Action Step To Lose Weight in 4 Weeks!

How many veggies do you honestly eat in a given day?

After 15 years of helping people lose tons of weight, our assumption is that you probably are falling a bit short...

But no worries, we have a real world solution that actually works for our clients and we will share not only this tip but 15 in total that are tested and proven in the today's real world (see video below).

Todays strategy is a version of tip #3 from that video. We will give you a fool proof, actionable, and step by step plan that could not be simpler!

This concept will work for almost anyone, no matter what level you currently are or how much bodyweight you actually need/want to lose. And even if you don't want to lose any weight this will help you become much healthier and people will notice!

So here it is, simply... PRE - EAT A VEGGIE!!!

Start by choosig a veggie that you can stomach and ideally one you truly enjoy in it’s raw form like carrot, celery or cucumber for example.

Now, grab about a handful or so and save it in a container for your next meal.

Then eat that handful of veggies before just one meal (hence the term PRE - EAT) .

No need to change the meal just yet, although you can if you want.

Start with the easiest meal, usually lunch or dinner, and do that for about 1-2 weeks or until it feels “normal-ish”.

Then do it for another meal for another week or 2 ... (again till it feels normal)

Finally do this for a third meal or as a snack if you don't eat that many meals. In total this should take about 4 weeks' time to get in a solid and sustainable groove.

Start slowly and build up!

You don't want to make a dramatic change, instead you want it to sneak up on your daily routine almost without you even noticing!

This allows for a more sustainable and long term perspective which is what we want because why just achieve short term goals when we can do both?

This way it's much more likely to become a new habit just like the habit of brushing your teeth has become apart of your day for short term fresh breath and long term oral care and holistic health.

Pre-Eating some veggies will change your life, we guarantee it!