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7 Steps To Receiving More Prosperity: Break Free and Create Your Prosperity Lifestyle

A happy, prosperous interracial couple!

“The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts.”

– Marianne Williamson

Do you have a lingering sense that now, more than ever, you're ready to break free and receive more prosperity?

Many of us have aspirations and desires that seem out of reach, but what if I told you that creating more prosperity in your life is possible and entirely within your grasp? Not next year, or next month, but now!

Now is the perfect time to break free from the limitations you think are in the way. Imagine this! You wake up every morning excited for the day ahead. Your work is fulfilling. Your relationships are energizing and your sense of purpose is unwavering. This is not a fantasy; it's a reality waiting to be stepped into by you. Prosperity is your birthright.

It starts with a choice...

What if you dared to see yourself as prosperous right now?

The truth is, the only thing standing between you and prosperity is a choice. You can choose to see yourself as abundant and prosperous or not. This is a simple choice with two very different outcomes. Both options are valid and have equal potential. Both lead to a version of reality that you create and experience. If you see it this way, why not follow the more joy-filled option?

Here are 7 steps to receiving more prosperity right now!

7 Steps To Receiving More Prosperity Now!

when you change the way you think, you will change your life.

1. Realize the game is all about vibration

The goal behind all goals is to feel better. Here is the big secret, we all want to feel good! So when things don’t feel good we stop doing them. Losing weight, making more money, finding a lover, etc. all aim to do one thing. And that is to make you feel better than you do right now. But this is not how it works. Life works the other way around. Only when you start feeling better, can things get better. Another way to say this is that your vibration, how you think and feel, creates your reality.

Start small. Make choices that align with your highest joy. Notice if you are people-pleasing and instead start being more pleasing to yourself. This will snowball into feeling better which raises your vibration. This leads to feeling more prosperous. Feeling more prosperous will lead to your reality changing very quickly. The game is all about your vibration.

2. Trust yourself

When we say or think we will do something but have no action behind it we create a conflict within ourselves. This breaks a bond within. This makes us feel powerless over time. But we can easily balance this back out. We restore trust by forgiving ourselves for any past issues. Realize you did the best with what you knew at the time. And if you didn't make those past decisions you wouldn't be who you are today. This clears the way for a loving relationship with yourself.

We tend to judge ourselves which brings our past into the now. As a result, we repeat it. Then we create stories about how we aren’t good enough. This is not the truth about who we are, but we will believe any story we repeatedly tell ourselves. This is why people hire a coach like myself. I show people how to restore this sacred bond within. This creates an environment for inner peace, joy, and abundance to prosper. Learning how to trust ourselves again fully is a journey deeper into self-love. Self-love is another name for prosperity.

a healthy women journaling and being free

3. Focus is the key 

Distractions are everywhere. Very often we lack a clear intentional focus. News, alerts, comments, etc. are all vying for our attention and they are doing a great job. But it’s only because we place them at a higher importance than how we feel (our vibration). So let’s flip that around and align within.

Make it your new hobby to put how you feel right now at the top of your list. Wendy and I wrote this on our wall when we started our online company in 2016. At the top of our list was Well-being. Well-being is another way of saying vibration. Our well-being is now our top priority no matter what is going on. And we made that abundantly clear to ourselves by writing it down and seeing it daily. This builds a clear and powerful focus. This kind of focus builds massive trust and momentum! This guarantees your prosperity.

4. Create your environment

You do not grow the flower, you make sure the soil is ideal for growth. You do not do the manifesting, you create the environment that brings forth the manifestation. Your internal landscape creates your external experience. If your external physical environment contradicts your goals, why not change what you can to be more representative of what you prefer?

Look around your home, this is your "soil" for growth. Pretend it’s not you but the main character in a movie. What's the soil telling you about the main character?

The quickest and simplest way we can impact our environment is through subtraction. There is great wisdom in letting things go. This is true both emotionally and physically.

Is there anything in your immediate surroundings that doesn’t vibe with where you want to be? Forget about overhauling your life, and instead focus on 1 to 3 things that you can immediately remove or clean up right now. Perhaps you can even donate, sell, or gift certain things. Follow your gut on this. Letting go means you know you have more than enough. This is the frequency of prosperity.

5. Let go of outside validation 

Many of our goals are hidden attempts to try and validate ourselves to the outside world. We are taught from a young age that we aren’t good enough. And to correct this we must achieve goals to feel worthy and good. But of course, you were born worthy just as you are.

Look deeply at what you want in life. Feel into your heart. Are you concerned with how people will see you? If so you will always feel limited. If you see that outside validation is indeed playing a major role, then it's time to let go.

How? By realizing that only you can only validate yourself. It can't come from the outside. Many people can't see this. But once you do, everything changes. Seeing that outside validation won't bring you happiness or prosperity will instantly cut that old loop. This is freedom. This is prosperity.

a boy growing step by step

6. You don’t need to see the whole staircase

Humans make plans, and God laughs. This is an old proverb that holds a lot of wisdom. We make all these plans and try to control the whole process, and then life happens. I'm looking at you, the year 2020, lol. The only thing that matters is where you are right now and what’s in front of you. You can be prosperous now even with zero dollars in your bank account.

Not seeing the whole staircase allows us to focus on the now. Since our vibration is the whole game, we only need to know and feel where we are in the moment. Everything we ever need to know is available right here and now. Prosperity means that you see yourself doing well. It can't happen in the past or the future, now is all that matters. The staircase is irrelevant.

 7. You are not your beliefs

Beliefs are patterns of thought that we have practiced for a long time. Often these patterns start in our childhood. But we are not those beliefs, even though they feel that way. Beliefs are only layers of interpretations and opinions that sit on top of the real treasure of who we are. 

Our beliefs create expectations. Our expectations become the lens through which we experience reality. We only experience outcomes that reflect what we already believe to be true about ourselves and our world. If you create space between you and your beliefs, you will change your life with little to no effort. Seeing that you are not your beliefs opens you up to more growth and prosperity. It dissolves limitations no matter how long they have been with you.

A plant breaking through to more prosperity.

It's Time For Your Big Breakthrough!

Do you know how plants break through concrete?

They find the path of least resistance.

Your big breakthrough won't come from hard work and struggle; it will come from ease and flow.

The life you desire will happen by letting go of what you think is supposed to happen. Instead, relax and let it happen. Use my "7 Steps To Receiving More Prosperity" listed above and actually apply them today!

If you feel called to it, I invite you to book a coaching session with me (click here). Together, we'll create your "prosperity lifestyle". We'll identify any obstacles holding you back and create solutions unique to you. It will all result in more clarity, more alignment, and of course more prosperity. You will see results immediately! See some of my client's testimonials to get an idea of what I mean. Click here.

It's time for your breakthrough. It's time to open up and receive what is already yours. It's time to have fun!

To your health and happiness,



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