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22 Ways To Actually Improve Your Mental Health

So how do we start to feel better, when we simply don’t?

First, realize that you can do something about it. It’s not up to chance or luck, it's really up to us. We have that power. So knowing this is a HUGE step.

Hey friends. We are grateful to be here with you and we want you to know that you are not alone on your path. You are powerful and you got this! Plus we’ve got your back :)

We’ve created this list of 22 ways to actually improve your mental and overall health to inspire and guide you to a much better feeling place.

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Here are 22 ways to actually improve your mental health:

  1. Focus on just one thing at a time. Choose one thing from this list that you feel called to and remember that small steps done more frequently are always better than bigger ones done every once in a while.

  2. Show love to yourself. For real, how can you love yourself a bit more today? It could be as simple as saying “I love myself” out loud or silently. This could be your new daily affirmation or mantra.

  3. Put yourself first by establishing necessary boundaries like learning to say no. It may feel wrong initially, but as you practice putting yourself first you will see your world transform.

  4. Release the need to have it all figured out. Perfectionism is a sure-fire way to decrease joy and happiness.

  5. Notice repetitive negative thoughts that run in the background of your mind. We all have them. Once we notice them they begin to dissolve and you can turn your attention to more positive thoughts.

  6. Practice forgiveness. Many stressors and negative emotions come from holding on to past hurt and traumas. This is easier said than done, but know that it is doable even when it doesn’t seem possible.

  7. Write about your feelings, sometimes we aren’t ready to talk but we can still express ourselves in a journal or in a creative outlet like music, painting, drawing, etc.

  8. Talk about your feelings with someone who won’t judge or try to “fix” anything. Find a friend, family member, or someone you are close with and ask if they can sit and listen to the issue you are having.

  9. Find a suitable coach, mentor, or counselor to support and help you get to a better place.

  10. Clean that thing you’ve been wanting to clean. Chances are there is something you’ve been wanting to tidy up. So carve out at least 30 mins and focus on that one thing. You’ll feel accomplished even if you only get the ball rolling.

  11. Set a timer for social media apps. Screen time can make us feel stressed and anxious. Once you put the phone away you’ll have much more time for everything else on this list!

  12. Go to a park or natural setting with trees and greenery. If you don’t have access to nature, bring some plants and greenery into your home and bedroom.

  13. Get some sun or if you’re not in a sunny area get outside under the open sky. The sun and open sky are mood elevators and critical for our health.

  14. Spend time with like-minded people. This reduces cortisol and increases oxytocin, the happy chemical. High fives, handshakes, and hugs are incredibly mood-boosting.

  15. Dance! There are few things more stress-relieving and mood-boosting than jamming out to your favorite song.

  16. Learn to let loose. You don’t have to be a superhero or always “on”. Starting a breathing or meditation practice is a great tool to create time to downshift.

  17. Give a small gift to someone you care about. Make it thoughtful instead of expensive.

  18. Perform a random act of kindness. This lifts us up and others too.

  19. Try something new. Our brains like games, puzzles, and learning things that interest us. This calms us and elevates our mood.

  20. Reduce your workload even just by a few minutes and do anything else. We can't emphasize enough the power of taking short breaks throughout your day.

  21. Notice how much alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco you consume if at all, and slowly decrease or eliminate them. These are typically stressors and anxiety inducers.

  22. Last but certainly not least, LAUGH! Find anything that makes you giggle, chuckle, or that gives you a full-on belly-busting laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

You’ll always know what's best for you, so trust yourself and your intuition as you move forward one step at a time to feel your best!

Stay healthy. Stay thankful. Stay focused.

With love and compassion,

Wendy + Dan

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