Happiness is Freedom | Here's one way to Free yourself

The present moment is freedom.

This freedom is the essence of true happiness.

Life happens in the 'now' and never not in the now.

Most people confuse their life with the things that seem to make up their life. But that is not your life, they are just the things that happen to be in your life at this time.

For example, if your car breaks down on the way home from work you may think your life is hard or you might say “FML”.

You are seeing the THINGS of your life as YOU. But they are not the same. It is a false equivalence, a misinterpretation and an illusion but it's very easy to be tricked.

Albert Einstein famously once said...

The things of your life (events, people, finances, goals, set backs etc.) are just that... things.

They are not you.

Even your emotions, thoughts, body & mind are not you. They are “yours” and make up aspects of your personality (also known as your ego) but they are not who you really are.

Your life (who you really are) is beyond all of these things that you have experienced or acquired. You are the one observing and experiencing it all so how could those things possibly be you.

Yet when you step into the present moment "those things" become obviously secondary to you.

You then can see that in fact you are consciousness itself (pure awareness) and that you are simply observing it all.

You are pure awareness, or said another way, you are consciousness itself.

You may say that you know this, but look at this again for a second time.