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WELCOME! Here is a brief breakdown of the 3 part series you are about to experience: 🚀 In the first video, we will demystify and break down what manifestation is and how it works in real life. It’s something that we all do, but often without a lot of awareness. This leads to many unwanted experiences that cause many to suffer and struggle. As you gain this new understanding, your awareness will increase and you will pivot your experiences from unwanted to wanted.  🚀 In the second video, Wendy will cover one of the most crucial steps in manifesting your dream life and that is confidence and worthiness which so many feel they lack. As Wendy breaks down what confidence and worthiness really mean she will show you how it applies to what you manifest. She will also give you a wonderful tool to accelerate your progress. Very quickly you will notice a difference in yourself and your day-to-day experiences. 🚀 In the last video, Dan will uncover how to get into alignment with your dreams by planting the seeds of gratitude. He will show you how gratitude and joy fuel the right path. All manifestations are a result of alignment and for you, that starts now! (course valued at $97) All of these videos build on each other and will leave you with a clearer understanding of the basics of manifesting your dreams! We highly recommend you do not rush through this experience, but instead slow down and really marinate in them. Get ready to start living your best life! - Wendy + Dan



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