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Wendy Joseph

"If you want something don't wait, go get it yourself and you will find the right help along the way!"  -Wendy 


Wendy is a real person just like you!


In the past, she has tried to stay in shape with all of the latest fads and diets only to realize they aren't sustainable and simply don't work when it comes to being truly healthy on the inside.



Her 10-year health and fitness journey which includes a Master's Degree in Public Administration with a focus in Healthcare has led her to discover a better way with a proven habit change approach. Now it's available to YOU! 



Wendy is also an entrepreneurial Vlogger who shares information via Instagram, Youtube and excels in graphic design on the side.


Wendy believes that there is no better feeling than helping others achieve what they thought was impossible because she has been there too.


She believes in you even when you don't!



Wendy has been a beacon of health and wellness for her 200,000+ supporters across her social media platforms with a focus on women finding their own path and recognizing their inner beauty.


She lives this motto everyday whether it's talking to clients, posting inspirational content or walking down the runway in fashion week.



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Daniel Hennessey

"Don't seek motivation, instead take that first small step and motivation will follow!"  -Dan 



Dan began his journey as an athlete playing basketball through college.


He is a fitness industry vet of 12 plus years who specializes in weight loss by improving your baseline health first!


Dan's elite level of nutrition, strength and conditioning knowledge only scratches the surface of his skill set.


He has personally coached thousands of people just like you, throughout the world to achieve their goals while maintaining healthy and sustainable lifestyles.


In less than 4 years Dan achieved his Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and became a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).


To add to his resume, Dan has what only 1% of Trainers and Coaches around the world possess which is a Level 1 and 2 Nutritional Coaching Certification from the world class organization, Precision Nutrition.


Dan credits much of his success to his ability to pass along knowledge to his clients and teach them the skills necessary to be their own coach. The goal is to give the gift of health and wellness freedom!


He’s dedicated his life to helping others build and maintain the foundation for long-term success and envisions a world where our natural state of health is the norm for the majority of the population.


Healthy Life = Happy Life

Health and Fitness
are not as black & white as you may think!

Our mission at True4You Fitness is to transform the fitness industry (or leave it altogether) and make health and happiness accessible to anyone.


Doing what is true for you, at the right time, in a way that's best for you will allow you to discover your path!


Dan and Wendy have a combined 20 plus years of experience in changing lives for busy people who can't seem to win no matter what they have tried. We know it's time for something totally different and we invite you to join the party.


If you feel you have failed in the past, we are here to show you that a healthy, happy life IS 4 YOU TOO! 





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