We’re donating meals to people in need and invite you to join us!


It’s easy to look at the world and see a laundry list of limitations, but what's often missed is that it’s just as easy to see opportunities.

It’s like flicking a light switch on. To someone who isn’t aware of the light switch, things may seem very dark and bleak, but once we know about the light switch, we can easily flip it. It only requires a willingness to see another way.

This year has been hard for everyone but it’s been the hardest for the least fortunate of us. And as it turns out, in America that happens to be a lot of people.

FACT: 35 million people face hunger in the United States. That’s more people than the entire population of Canada.

Those of us who are more fortunate can help slow down, prevent, and even eliminate hunger which ultimately helps us all in the long run. We know it's a tall task and you may even think it's impossible, but here’s something you may not know about food here in the United States:

FACT: 72 billion pounds of good food goes to waste each year in America.

That’s right 72,000,000,000 pounds (that’s 9 zeros) of nutritious, good food thrown away! This means we already have all we need, we just need some more collaboration.

If we could rescue and redistribute that food we would not only eliminate hunger, but we would all be very well fed and wellbeing would increase across the board. FeedingAmerica.org recovers 3 billion pounds of food each year and with all of our help together, we can recover even more.

This is our idea of spreading love and abundance this holiday season and this is the kind of world we want to live in moving forward, so we are taking inspired action and inviting you to join the party!

Here are 3 ways you can take inspired action with us:

  1. Donate food (canned food ideally) to a local food bank near you. Feeding America has the largest food bank network across the US and you can find one close to you by clicking here!

  2. Donate money. For every $1 donated, 10 meals are distributed. Click here to donate!

  3. Purchase any item or items from our store and we will donate 50% of each sale directly to Feeding America. We have awesome gifts for the whole family to enjoy and free shipping with code "THANKU" Click here to shop!

When we work together we can move mountains and there is no such thing as too small, all help really does go a very long way for those in need. Even just considering our own food waste at home or in the workplace is a tremendously great start to creating a less wasteful food culture for generations to come.

As we work toward a more sustainable future for everyone, we hope you can see how getting involved is easier now more than ever before. We are grateful for you taking the time to be here with us and if you feel inspired please consider sharing this post with a friend or family member to spread the word. There is abundance all around us and we only get more of what we give. Thank you for sharing your abundance with us and we hope this reaches you in good health.

We wish you a happy, healthy, and abundant holiday season!

Wendy + Dan


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