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"Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it." - Andy Warhol

First a question...

What are you chasing?

(It's usually multiple things)

More money?

More things?

More recognition in your career?

More love?

More traveling?

Or maybe more answers about yourself and who you REALLY are...

Honestly and with all the love we have within us...

How is all this chasing working out for you?

I know I know, it’s hard.

Scratch that it’s NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE.

The truth is this approach IS TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE!!!

—- Stick with me here ——

“What you chase runs faster”

“What you push, pushes back”

“What you grind for, creates more friction”

It is the very approach and the very wanting that is creating your experience of not “having enough”.

Not enough love, money, followers, time, energy, sex and all the rest.

This cultivates things like:



imposter syndrome...

being financially poor...

being stuck...

being angry...

being depressed...

being poor in the amount of joy you have...

And all the many variations of that good old current world view that “you are NOT good enough".

BUT if you work really hard or sign up for this program you’ll be happy and successful like all of the rich, famous, skinny, healthy, ripped (insert any other way we create winners and losers in today’s world).

In a nutshell nearly all marketing today.

This used to be us.

We know many are still here. We understand. It’s ok.

You will be fine we can assure you.

We are all marketing something by the way...

Your image, your sex appeal, your self worth... basically you are marketing YOU to everyone else.

This classic marketing strategy and approach works really well if the goal is to create winners and losers.

Not so great if you yourself want to experience a TRUE win.

This is when not only YOU win, but you actually create opportunities for OTHERS to win too... yup even for those “other guys”...

Here’s another truth: “No one is a victim unless they think it so.”

What if we did something totally the opposite...

Instead of trying to be better than others or taking the "higher ground" to show how great you are...

Let's be like water instead.

(Real photo of us studying water)

Water continually seeks lower elevations and through this process cleanses itself to give life to all things on this planet, and maybe other planets (

Water doesn’t care if you are some lowly micro-organism or the highly advanced...dolphin (you thought I was gonna say humans right).

H2O’s purpose is to create an opportunity for life to GROW.

Guess’s our purpose also (parents might vibe with this the best).

And in fact, it’s really the only purpose honestly.

We are all here to help others grow... it's how we ourselves grow!

(The smile of self-awareness)

We can do this by inviting people to think for themselves and live with greater self-awareness first. You can invite yourself to do so as well.

This leads to people seeing themselves in others.

Like droplets of water recognizing each other as a small piece to a larger whole, but none the less the same.

Maybe that’s why we are made up of mostly water?

Water doesn’t chase... it falls, drops and seeks LOWER ground.

It’s a humbling job that this water has, and it does it all with the intention of GIVING!

With no expectation of getting anything at all.

No matter if it’s just a drop or a million drops...

Flowing through living creatures or being evaporated by the relentless summer sun.

Water doesn’t switch up and it doesn’t worry about what all the other molecules are doing.

“If I could only be a more successful droplet of water,” said no water.

It already is successful every time and no job is too small.

There really is only 1 task.

There isn’t a need to be “right” even when it’s polluted, tainted, misused or floods unsuspecting towns.

Water is not bad or good, these are just events that happen to water and water “goes with the flow”.

I think the least we all can do is take a page out of waters playbook. It may, in fact, be the best thing we can ever do in life if progress and growth are what we say we all want.

It is what all happy and healthy people have known throughout human existence and what those who "struggle" do not. Going with the flow and choosing "what is right now" instead of what "should be".

Strangely this works in every area of life. Not just in the esoteric but in the real world we all live in on our own personal path to deep health and happiness.

(Not water lol)

This allows them to ride the waves of success just like a child at the beach riding waves on their boogie boards.

So be like water, start recognizing when you are allowing the flow versus when you are "trying to make something happen".

This is a practice and just when you think you got it, it can slip right through your fingers just like water.

Water continues the ancient reminder to flow easy and toward lower ground continuing the process of life.

What a phenomenally brilliant and patient teacher water is, constantly encouraging us to have "the beginner's eye".

So you may be thinking, all this is great but I still need more! More love or health or (insert wants and desires)... and of course "How do I find that special someone?"

First, realize how awesome you are! (sit down and think about it for real!)


The special someone you have been looking for is YOU honestly!

You can start by practicing letting go and let the flow of life take you. Choose what is right now and right here.

The present moment.

This is a gift!

Remember, you are the common denominator in all this, which means you have all the power. It all comes down to how you choose to be.

You can't "find" that special someone if you are overlooking the specialness within you right now.

Choosing to really dig into this and going down this path will draw that other person to you when the time is right and you are ready.

This has been true for us and many other happy couples we have met.

We wouldn't believe this either if it didn't happen to us and the people we have met... but it did and it's true!

The most helpful guides and advice in life always lead us back to deeper and wiser parts within ourselves. Turning inward has allowed our lives to explode with love, happiness, and less stress!

And we invite you to do this too and start today if you like.

Take a moment, even if only for a second, and take a look at what makes you that "special someone" and just like water, life will literally flow through you!

With love, compassion and a glass of water lol,


PS - Want 8 tips for a better relationship? We have just what you are looking for here:



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