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October 27, 2017


This is all too common...


"I know what to do, but I just can't seem to get in shape"... (If you are already in great shape CONGRATS swap in any other goal you may have)


Following that statement is usually something about a lack of motivation.


Ahhh Motivation you ol' sly trickster you...


Almost everyone says they need more motivation like it's currency. Motivation to move, eat, get in shape, start a business, do the laundry, get a better job etc etc etc...


Trust me, we have all been there and it’s easy trap to fall into but you couldn’t be further from the truth my friend.  


As they say, the truth will set you free!  


When it comes to sustainable long term change, two things are more important than motivation

 - Action is more important than information

- Doing is more important than knowing


Here are some truths we should start to consider and apply in our daily life.


• Knowing stuff gets you nowhere, only action does


• If you really KNEW something (and I mean really understood the value and how it fits into the big picture) you more than likely would be doing it already with little to no issue


• You are not as consistent as you think, none of us are. A big part of what we do as coaches is elevate you to at least 80% consistency with better habits that are life changing yet sustainable


• You don't know as much as you think you do, again none of us do. Even the most brilliant people on this planet will openly and unfortunately admit to only being able to understand just a small fraction of weight loss, science and life as a whole. Basically, it's all a big experiment but there are better ways to navigate, learn and grow. Knowing which is best for you individually requires an individual process

(This is what we do with clients everyday at in our Lifestyle & Nutritional Coaching Course)


• The stuff you do know for sure probably isn't appropriate for where you are in life right now. If you go to a financial advisor with $1000 in your bank account you won't start looking into diversifying your portfolio with Apple stock. Instead you are going to work on finding ways to spend less and save more. "Pro" level advice (usually) doesn't really apply to people in the "beginner or intermediate" stage and roughly 80-90% of people fall into this category. Yes, even many "high level" people such as Pro Athletes still don't understand the basic concepts or do them at least 80% of the time. Shocking I know, but true!


 So how do you actually get better?


Here are our top 3 recommendations! This is how we’ve seen hundreds transform their health and life including our own lives! (Again we use this in our personal life, business, relationships, and our own health.)



1) The fastest way to any goal is with the right help. Make sure that the help you seek emphasizes putting YOU in the driver seat and working ALONGSIDE you, as opposed to TELLING YOU what to do. This could come in the form of a coach, mentor, best friend, family member, book, an online service etc…


2) Make sure you are focusing on 1 new, small habit at a time (i.e. What you do every day, the small stuff) as opposed to a list of rules (especially since those rules will change every few years). Developing your own internal guiding system is a sure fire way to win the long game of sustainability. Rules like "cheat meals", or fasting, nutrient timing, restricting certain foods, lower calories only lead to feeling deprived. Like you have sacrificed so much and now need a way out (eating till your face falls off) and burning out, only to have to start over again. Sound familiar?


3) Focus on HOW you are doing things versus WHAT the actual thing is. For example, eating like a normal human slowly and thoughtfully versus scarfing down your organic kale salad and still starving. Or moving well and under control versus doing an all out hardcore "bootcamp" class that's really intense with no attention to detail like recovery, proper form and other lifestyle variables like stress, sleep, emotions, anxiety, mental outlook etc.


Hopefully, this blog post helped or at minimum caused you to pause and reflect.


If you need help, please don't think you are alone, there are many ways you can reach out, but it has to come from you.


One of the greatest signs of strength is asking for help, again just make sure it’s the right kind of help (many times people get “convent advice” and not what they truly need)


Please feel free to reach out here. We may not work together, but we can point you in a better direction.


There is a better way if you are willing to have a fresh set of eyes, a growth mindset and have the long haul as the focus


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