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November 29, 2017



Hey there, we have 2 questions for you:


1) How are you doing with your health and fitness goals as we approach the last month of 2017?




2) What are you doing well when it comes to your health and fitness?


There has to be something you are doing well, we are sure of it!


If it's hard to find a bright spot keep reading...


Progress is fickle, but when we shift our focus to what we are doing *well* we unknowingly let go of what we don't need (all the negative BS that we deal with daily).


This allows us to keep moving in the right direction with less distractions! It's not perfect, it's progress. Who's to say what "perfect" is anyway?


Look we coach real people who are busy, have multiple jobs, kids, bills and the whole thing everyday!


We know getting and staying healthy is straight up hard sometimes and everyone will move at their own pace.


Slow and steady really does win because your health and wellness are a life long dance. Adopting this mentality allows for the best path for everyone and it's important to remember that we can "mess up" and still be ok!


It's life!


We are all human and it should be celebrated, not vilified. We aren't perfect little robots or something, nope not even us. And that's what makes us able to actually win this whole health thing!


There are so many things that can go "wrong". It's also really easy to focus on the negative.


Our brains are wired for it and our society (knowingly and unknowingly) reinforces it unfortunately.  


Truth be told, there is no such thing as "failure" OR "perfection". They are both short sighted perceptions that are created by us based on what we think "should be" instead of "what is". (This type of realization alone is powerful to even just consider).


And all of this just because of our beliefs and how we choose to see things. 


In reality we all actually live somewhere in the middle, right?


No one is actually "perfect" or a total "failure". You may experience events that bring up these emotions but they are just that events that come and go.


They are the things that happened to you, not actually who you are.


Being aware of this is the key to continued progress and/or maintaining all your hard work. Once we become more aware, it equips us with the right mindset to see and take the next small step towards better!


And in realty that's all anyone can really ever do... move towards "better" 1 step at a time.


There is no skipping steps and if you struggle with your health or your weight yo-yoing up and down you know exactly what I mean.


The people actually achieve success is 1 day at a time, 1 step at a time, 1 small action at a time, 1 moment at a time.




It's not a straight line, it's a winding path with a million ways to win potentially. It's like anything else you have achieved in life. You have the good and the bad but you keep moving. 


Your weight, health and level of fitness will always be a work in progress. People see "in shape" people and often don't realize in many cases they are working much harder to maintain where they are versus the work of the journey that got them there.


It doesn't happen overnight, it may take months or years. Again your life doesn't stop and neither does your health or the goals you want to achieve.


You can't force it either.


You have to let nature takes its course while providing the right environment, nutrients and culture for you and the goal to flourish.


It's really more about focusing on what truly matters versus trying to do everything perfectly. Again progress always beats perfection. ALWAYS!


Recently we released a our Self Guided 90 Day Online Program!


It's packed with scientifically proven behaviors and habits that simply work when applied regularly over time. In these tips we focus on what truly matters. We strive for better and not perfect.


We take a close look at which small steps we can do consistently no matter what. This always beats big effort done inconsistently. 


Write this down somewhere:


"Small steps done consistently will always beat big effort done inconsistently".


But we wanted to take it a step further and bring our first and easiest tip to life in the video below!


If you have a few minutes you will learn:


1) Our #1 tip to start to get in shape for beginners


2) One of our favorite resources to make cooking healthy, delicious and easy


3) A special code to save $30 


4) Additional tips, advice and fun with us in the kitchen!


Thank you for stopping by and enjoy. Feel free to email us or ask any questions about our method and how to ditch perfection for a better way!


-Coaches Wendy + Dan 




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