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Attract your soulmate, Thrive in your relationships, Become a magnet for love

Group Coaching Program 


Become a magnet for love.

It’s time to stop chasing and start attracting the love you so deeply desire. Love, like all things we desire, is about being in alignment. This is why it's not an outward search, but an inward discovery and creation of who you really are, and what you wish to be.


When you discover what self-love, self-esteem, and self-appreciation truly are you begin to tap into your true power. You will become a magnet for all you desire. In this 21-Day Live Coaching Course, you will come into alignment with not only yourself and attract the right soul partner, soul friends, and even soul career. Yes, everything begins to work in life once you finally commit to doing the simple yet life-changing inner work. 


You deserve to be loved.

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Does this feel hard for you to believe? Are you scared about being hurt or getting your heart broken? This course is here to set the record straight. You, my dear, deserve the most powerful, committed, and thrilling love that this world has to offer. But, it can only arrive when you arrive there first within yourself. This means finally coming home and realizing your true worth and inherent power. You deserve to be loved and this course will show you how you step-by-step. 


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Wendy & Dan

Hi, we’re the Hennessey’s. We’re a happily married couple living in Southern California and we always get asked how we are always so happy! Well we have a secret to tell you…

We’ve known each for over 16 years and have been a couple for 14 years of those years. We’ve learned a lot about what actually makes a thriving relationship.


Through our own journey and a lot of trial and error, from starting our own wellness business together in 2016, and traveling the world together in 2018 on a shoestring budget, you can say that we’ve put our relationship to the test in many ways. 

We've also helped many people with their relationships all along the way during our own journey. We've seen and been through our fair share of ups and downs and it's only made us grow stronger.


Through all of our growth spiritually, mentally, and physically as individuals and as a couple, we realized that we really do have the secret to a loving and lasting relationship. The short answer is we place our focus on alignment with our authentic selves plain and simple. In other words, loving and aligning with ourselves first is the power behind all love. 


When you change how you see yourself, the world changes how it sees you. When we unconditionally love ourselves, the world has no choice but to reflect that same energy back to us. 


We will guide you in clearing out the fearful programs and conditioning within yourself so you can resonate more deeply with the vibration of love. Once this loving vibration becomes your dominant vibration, you too will become a love magnet.


Our journey to this understanding has been a long one but yours doesn’t have to be. We are honored and excited to help you find your unique path to true love and more importantly enjoy the entire process for the next 21-Days and beyond! 

Feel Free To Love
Group Coaching 

Wendy and Dan will work with you personally to become a magnet for more love in your life on all levels! If you are looking for "the one", want to improve an existing relationship, or just want to attract better relationships of any kind then this program is designed just for you!


During these 21 days you'll receive:

  • 4 live group video sessions with Wendy + Dan

  • Access to our private group coaching community hosted by Wendy + Dan

  • Step-by-step practical action steps to becoming a love magnet 

  • Customized guidance and personalized coaching to attract the love you desire most

  • Unlimited email access to Wendy + Dan

  • Fun interactions with Wendy +Dan and other like-minded members


This 21-day coaching program will align you with your authentic self and increase your sense of self-value, self-esteem, and self-worth. You'll walk away feeling like a giant love magnet that can only attract the best to you! Your confidence will soar and you will immediately feel a shift once we begin.


Remember, this course is all about changing your concept of yourself. When you change how you see yourself, the world changes how it sees you. The universe is simply a mirror that is always reflecting back to you the relationship you have with yourself. This is a wonderful gift! What this means is, you are the center of your own universe and the creator of your own reality in a very real and vibrational way. As you begin to resonate more deeply with the vibration of love, you become a magnet for the love you want, the friends you want, the career you want, and so much more.

This program is for you if:

  • You feel that you haven't been able to find the one yet or your current relationship isn't going in the right direction.

  • You feel like you've tried everything out there to find your perfect match. 

  • You feel your relationship life is out of balance and you need guidance on building a personalized plan to get you back on track and beyond.

  • You desire a more loving relationship with yourself and others.  

  • You feel you keep repeating the same kinds of relationships and are ready to take the steps to outgrow old patterns.

  • You desire a life full of love, joy, and harmony with yourself and a partner.​​


  • You feel called to have Wendy & Dan as your guides and feel that this is the perfect next step on your journey.


  • You're ready to truly invest in yourself and make a REAL LASTING love connection.


Ask for what you
want and be prepared to 
receive it.

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