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Welcome and congratulations for taking the first step on your journey to consciously manifesting the life of your dreams! We are excited that you are here and make no mistake about it, you are here for a reason. In the videos ahead, we will take you on a fun ride through a process of discovering more about who you really are, where your power really lies, and the real life practical mechanics of making your dreams a living reality. Simply follow along with these videos in the order shown and participate in the practices that come along with them. Give each video an honest go with an open heart and mind. *COURSE BREAKDOWN* Step 1 - Intro Step 2 - The 5 Why's Step 3 - Focus Step 4 - Movement (2 parts) Step 5 - Nurture & Support Step 6 - Creating Calm (2 parts) Step 7 - A New Beginning Treat this like a fun experiment or a game. Do not be concerned with being perfect or “getting it right”. Instead of perfection, seek progress. There is no right or wrong in this course, or any judgement. There is only the opportunity for you to have your own experience and begin consciously manifesting what you desire. Your dream life is closer than ever before! So get ready, life is about to get fun!



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